LAN Server/400 A Guide to Using the AS/400 as a File Server

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This document is unique in its detailed coverage of the LAN
Server/400 product and the associated hardware, the File Server
I/O Processor. It is a guide to installing, configuring and operating
LAN Server/400 migrating from other environments (particularly
from OS/2 LAN Server 3.0), comparing the functions and performance
of LAN Server/400 with other LAN serving products and helping you
to get the best out of LAN Server/400.

This document has been written with LAN administrators and AS/400
administrators in mind, but will also be useful if you are planning
a LAN Server/400 installation or if you want to know more about how
LAN Server/400 works and coexists with other products.

Some knowledge of AS/400 and local area networks is assumed, although
many of the terms and concepts are explained for the benefit of those
more familiar with other platforms.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. LAN Server/400 1.0
Chapter 2. Introduction to LAN Serving 2.0
Chapter 3. LAN Server/400 for the AS/400 User 3.0
Chapter 4. LAN Server/400 for OS/2 Users 4.0
Chapter 5. LAN Server/400 File System 5.0
Chapter 6. Domain Controller 6.0
Chapter 7. Installation and Configuration 7.0
Chapter 8. Administration of LAN Server/400 8.0
Chapter 9. Migrating a Domain Controller from OS/2 LAN Server to AS/400 9.0
Chapter 10. LAN Server/400 Commands 10.0
Chapter 11. Multiple AS/400s, LANs and File Server I/O Processors 11.0
Chapter 12. LAN Server/400 Performance 12.0
Chapter 13. Backup and Recovery 13.0
Chapter 14. Printing with LAN Server/400 14.0
Chapter 15. PTF Management 15.0
Chapter 16. Common Problems 16.0
Chapter 17. Coexistence with Other Products 17.0
Chapter 18. National Language Support 18.0
Chapter 19. Future Directions 19.0
Appendix A. DOS and OS/2 LAN Requester Quick Reference Guide A.0
Appendix B. IBM LAN Servers B.0
Appendix C. Overview of the Integrated File System C.0
Appendix D. Downloading LAN Requester Code to Diskettes D.0
Appendix E. Installing LAN Adapter and Protocol Support E.0
Appendix F. Installing IBM LAN Support Program F.0
Appendix G. LAN Server NetBIOS Parameters G.0

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Publish Date
14 December 1994

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