3174 Network Server in Frame Relay and Multiprotocol

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The 3174 Establishment Controller is an important component, when acting
as a networking server, in high-speed WAN.

This document describes the 3174 Establishment Controller Configuration
Support-C Release 5 and 6 Licensed Internal Code (LIC) Frame Relay
Communications Feature customization. It serves as a guide for
understanding and implementing 3174 frame relay support in various

The focus will be on the 3174 customization in frame relay networks when
using the following functions and protocols:

Classic SNA over frame relay
APPN over frame relay
TCP/IP over frame relay
Remote bridging via frame relay

This publication is intended for IBM and customer system engineers, system
planners, system programmers and network administrators who need to know
how to customize the 3174 WAN communications functions, with an emphasis
on 3174 frame relay and remote bridging communications functions. It
relates the customization responses to the various IBM products that exist
in the same frame relay network with the 3174: 3745/NCP V7, 6611/MPNP,
RouteXpander/2, 3172 and AS/400.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. 3174 in WAN and Multiprotocol Networks 1.0
Chapter 2. Adding the 3174 to Your Frame Relay Network 2.0
Chapter 3. 3174 Frame Relay Communications Implementation 3.0
Chapter 4. 3174 Frame Relay and SNA/APPN 4.0
Chapter 5. 3174 TCP/IP Support with Frame Relay 5.0
Chapter 6. 3174 Peer Communications and Bridging 6.0
Chapter 7. 3174 Point to Point Connection w/o Frame Relay Network 7.0
Chapter 8. Network Management Support for Frame Relay 8.0
Appendix A. Introduction to Frame Relay Communications A.0
Appendix B. 3174 The IDNX Frame Relay Network B.0
Appendix C. LMI Data Flow Example C.0
Appendix D. 3174 Frame Relay Feature Error Logs Table D.0
Appendix E. Frame Relay Multiprotocol RFC1490 E.0
Appendix F. Inverse ARP (InARP) RFC1293 F.0


Publish Date
26 June 1995

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