CICS/VSE Client/Server Solutions Implementing the Message Queue Interface

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This document describes how to implement applications that use
distributed processing techniques based on message queuing techniques
provided by IBM's MQSeries family of products. Although MQSeries
products are available on various operating system platforms the scope
of this document is limited to message queuing between VSE/ESA, AIX
and OS/2 operating systems. For implementation guidelines MVS and
OS/400 refer to the manual GG24-4362, published by the ITSO Raleigh

This publication is intended for system engineers or programmers
responsible for implementing distributed applications using message
queuing techniques on subject platforms. The reader is assumed to
have a basic knowledge of IBM's Message Queue Interface (MQI) and a
working knowledge of the pertinent operating system platforms. In
addition, he should be familiar with CICS/VSE and SNA APPC/LU 6.2
communication techniques which are required to connect the different
platforms reflected in this document.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. VSE/ESA Client/Server Computing using Messaging and Queuing 1.0
Chapter 2. Overview: Message Queuing between VSE/ESA and OS/2 2.1
Chapter 3. The MQI Test Environment 2.2
Chapter 4. ezBRIDGE on VSE/ESA Implementation 2.3
Chapter 5. ezBRIDGE on OS/2 Implementation 2.4
Chapter 6. MQI Applications for OS/2 and VSE/ESA 2.5
Chapter 7. ezBRIDGE on VSE/ESA to ezBRIDGE on AIX Overview 3.1
Chapter 8. ezBRIDGE on VSE/ESA to ezBRIDGE on AIX Test Environment 3.2
Chapter 9. Connecting the AIX Workstation to the Host 3.3
Chapter 10. ezBRIDGE on AIX Implementation 3.4
Chapter 11. MQI Applications for AIX and VSE/ESA 3.5
Appendix A. ezBRIDGE on VSE/ESA Sample Definitions A.0
Appendix B. ezBRIDGE on AIX Sample Definitions B.0
Appendix C. ezBRIDGE Communication Definitions Summary C.0


Publish Date
13 July 1994

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