VSE/POWER and OS/400 NJE Configuration Guide

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This document is the result of a residency project run at the ITSO
Center Boeblingen to customize and test the NJE connection between
VSE/POWER PNET and the AS/400 Communications Utilities. The function
provides a more equal relationship for Job and SYSOUT processing
between the two utilities compared to an RJE connection. The NJE
connection between VSE/POWER PNET and the VM/MVS Bridge of the AS/400
Communications Utilities is not officially supported. The customers
have to implement this function based on their individual tests and at
their own risk. This document was written for systems engineers or
system programmers responsible for the NJE implementation. The reader
is assumed to have a basic knowledge of NJE concepts, VSE/POWER
Networking, and the AS/400 Communications Utilities.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.0
Chapter 2. Test Environment 2.0
Chapter 3. VSE/ESA Host Definitions for the VM/MVS Bridge 3.0
Chapter 4. Definitions for the Test Environment using the 3172 4.0
Chapter 5. Additional AS/400 to VSE/POWER Connection Examples 5.0
Chapter 6. Operation 6.0
Chapter 7. Considerations Summary 7.0
Appendix A. File Transfer Between VSE/POWER and AS/400 A.0
Appendix B. Trace Examples for Session Establishment B.0

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Publish Date
21 June 1994

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