Did You Say CMVC?

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This document describes the use of the IBM Configuration Management
and Version Control (CMVC) product in the scope of the downsizing of a
DATABASE 2 business application from an IBM mainframe running MVS to
the RISC System/6000 and AIX/6000.

The book gives you a general view of the CMVC features and an
understanding of how CMVC can be used to improve quality and
increase productivity.

This document was written for customers and system engineers who
need to know how to set up, configure, customize, and use IBM CMVC for
UNIX in the scope of a given application development.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Software Configuration Management and Change Management Overview 1.0
Chapter 2. Discovering CMVC: An New Application Project Is Introduced to CMVC 2.0
Chapter 3. Overview of the Application Development Project 3.0
Chapter 4. Planning for CMVC 4.0
Chapter 5. Using CMVC 5.0
Chapter 6. Installing CMVC and Supporting Databases 6.0
Appendix A. Implementation of ISO 9001 Using CMVC A.0
Appendix B. Monitoring and Enhancing the Quality of Software with CMVC B.0
Appendix C. User Exit Samples and Suggestions C.0
Appendix D. Hints and Tips for Using CMVC D.0
Appendix E. CMVC and SDE WorkBench/6000 E.0
Appendix F. Source File and Program Identification with CMVC Keywords F.0
Appendix G. Appendix: Setting Up NetLS G.0
Appendix H. Tailoring CMVC Windows for Different Types of Users H.0


Publish Date
30 September 1994

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