TCP/IP V2R2 for VM Installation and Interoperability

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This document provides information to ease the installation and use of
IBM TCP/IP V2R2 for VM. It focuses on how IBM TCP/IP V2R2 for VM can
be used to interoperate in different environments.

This document is intended for the customers and the systems engineers
who will evaluate the product possibilities and install the product.

The book is organized to help you understand the architecture of IBM
TCP/IP V2 for VM, the new functions and enhancements brought by V2R1
and V2R2, and the requirements and guidelines for its installation and
tailoring. Each TCP/IP server is discussed and sample configuration
files are provided to help you in your system customization.

The reader is assumed to have a basic knowledge of the TCP/IP
protocol suite and be familiar with the VM and SNA architectures
and products.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.0
Chapter 2. Installation and Tailoring 2.0
Chapter 3. Using TCP/IP between Two VM Systems 3.0
Chapter 4. Using TCP/IP between VM and MVS 4.0
Chapter 5. Using TCP/IP between VM and OS/2 5.0
Chapter 6. Using TCP/IP between VM and DOS 6.0
Chapter 7. Using TCP/IP between VM and UNIX/AIX 7.0
Chapter 8. Using TCP/IP between VM and OS/400 8.0
Chapter 9. Network Management in TCP/IP 9.0
Chapter 10. Debugging 10.0
Chapter 11. National Language Support (NLS) 11.0
Appendix A. TCP/IP Network in Use at the ITSC A.0
Appendix B. Name Server Installation Console Log B.0
Appendix C. Configuration Listings for VM System VM14 C.0
Appendix D. Configuration Listings for VM System VM15 D.0
Appendix E. Configuration Listings for VM System RALYESA (VMESA) E.0
Appendix F. Configuration Listings for MVS System MVS20 F.0
Appendix G. Configuration Listings for MVS System MVS18 G.0
Appendix H. Configuration Listings for OS/400 System RALYAS4B H.0
Appendix I. Configuration Listings for OS/2 System FRED I.0
Appendix J. Configuration Listings for RS/6000 System RS60001 J.0
Appendix K. Configuration Listings for PS/2 AIX System PSAIX K.0
Appendix L. 3172 Configuration L.0
Appendix M. Abbreviations M.0


Publish Date
21 December 1992

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