PL/I for OS/2 PL/I for OS/2 Toolkit: Visual PL/I CODE/370 PL/I Support

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This document is unique in its detailed coverage of PL/I for OS/2 and
Visual PL/I provided with PL/I for OS/2 Toolkit. It focuses on the
use of these products for development of MVS host applications or OS/2
applications with a graphical user interface. It provides information
about interfacing PL/I for OS/2 with DB2 and CICS and using CODE/370
to develop and test PL/I host applications on the workstation.

This document is written for PL/I application designers and
programmers who are moving their development environment from the MVS
host to OS/2 workstations. Knowledge of the PL/I language and OS/2
workstations is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.0
Chapter 2. Setting Up the Workstation Environment 2.0
Chapter 3. Application Scenarios for PL/I for OS/2 3.0
Chapter 4. PL/I for OS/2 Test Facility 4.0
Chapter 5. Visual PL/I of the PL/I for OS/2 Toolkit 5.0
Chapter 6. WorkFrame/2 and PL/I for OS/2 6.0
Chapter 7. CODE/370 for Host Testing 7.0
Appendix A. Sample Code A.0


Publish Date
21 March 1995

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