Building Composite Applications

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 08 July 2007

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ISBN-10: 0738489417
ISBN-13: 9780738489414
IBM Form #: SG24-7367-00
(750 pages)

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Authors: Juan Rodriguez, Alex Barbosa Coqueiro, Belen Gonzalez Agudo, Sunil Patel, Ricardo Rossi, Rafael Sanchez, Robert Schneider, Guillermo Villavicencio, Art Whorley, Michael Zink


This IBM Redbooks publication covers composite applications for desktop solutions that require multiple types of applications to run in a cooperative environment by providing intercommunication between components. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) composite applications deliver high levels of business services and this book covers the architecture, available tools, component considerations, as well as assembling, deploying and wiring components in WebSphere Portal and Rich Client Platforms, such as Lotus Expeditor and Lotus Notes 8.
Lotus Expeditor is a client platform for end-to-end smart client application solutions. Expeditor provides services to install and manage these applications and allows users to easily launch and switch among these applications. Expeditor leverages Eclipse technology to provide a client solution that runs on multiple operating systems. The benefits of composite applications include reducing the total cost of ownership for client solutions through reusability of existing components and the sharing of these components across applications, migrating existing applications to run on the client platform, controlling access to applications based on roles assigned to users and improving the user experience by allowing composite application components to easily communicate between them.
This publication is targeted at architects, developers and administrators who need to understand the implemented architecture to develop, assemble and deploy composite applications in Lotus Expeditor V6.1.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to SOA
Chapter 2. Composite applications
Chapter 3. Utilities for developing composite applications
Chapter 4. Components in composite applications
Chapter 5. Component communication
Chapter 6. Portal composite applications
Chapter 7. Developing portlet components
Chapter 8. An overview of RCP components
Chapter 9. Developing RCP components
Chapter 10. Integrating AWT or Swing components in composite applications
Chapter 11. Debugging the wired composite applications in Lotus Expeditor
Chapter 12. Integrating OLE documents and ActiveX Controls in composite applications
Chapter 13. Using the OSGi Event Admin
Chapter 14. Managed composite applications
Chapter 15. Exporting components and publishing the update site
Chapter 16. Assembling and deploying managed client composite applications
Chapter 17. Adding components to a composite application
Chapter 18. Multipage applications and cross-page wiring
Chapter 19. The ITSO Car Rental sample composite application
Chapter 20. Assembling Portal-administered composite applications
Chapter 21. Component development tools
Chapter 22. NSF component development
Chapter 23. Utilities for assembling composite applications
Chapter 24. Assembling composite applications using the Composite Application Editor
Chapter 25. Lotus Notes 8 sample scenario
Chapter 26. Provisioning the Lotus Expeditor clients with Device Management
Appendix A. Developing Notes applications
Appendix B. Additional material

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