WebSphere Studio Application Developer Version 5 Programming Guide

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This IBM Redbooks publication is a programming guide for the application development tool, WebSphere Studio Application Developer V5. This tool is not only intended for the Java developer, but also for the Web designer who creates Web pages. The WebSphere Studio Application Developer basic tooling and team environment is presented along with the development and deployment of Web applications.

WebSphere Studio Application Developer provides integrated development tools for all e-business development roles, including Web developers, Java developers, business analysts, architects, and enterprise programmers. The customizable, targeted, role-based approach of WebSphere Studio Application Developer will be characteristic of all new products built on the WebSphere Studio Workbench. It is well integrated with WebSphere Application Server and provides built-in server test environments that can be used for testing and profiling Web applications.

This book consists of six parts:

- Introducing WebSphere Studio
- Developing applications
- Testing and debugging applications
- Deploying and profiling applications
- Team programming
- Appendixes and additional material

Table of contents

Part 1. Introducing WebSphere Studio
Chapter 1. Introduction and concepts
Chapter 2. Setting up your Workbench and workspace preferences
Chapter 3. Perspectives, views, and editors
Chapter 4. Projects
Part 2. Developing applications
Chapter 5. Developing Java applications
Chapter 6. Developing database applications
Chapter 7. Developing Web applications
Chapter 8. Developing Web applications with database access
Chapter 9. Developing applications with stored procedures
Chapter 10. Developing Struts applications
Chapter 11. Developing XML applications
Chapter 12. Developing EJB applications
Chapter 13. Developing Web services
Chapter 14. Developing GUI applications
Part 3. Testing and debugging applications
Chapter 15. Servers and server configurations
Chapter 16. Testing and debugging
Chapter 17. JUnit and component testing
Part 4. Deploying and profiling applications
Chapter 18. Deploying enterprise applications
Chapter 19. Building applications with Ant
Chapter 20. Profiling applications
Part 5. Team programming
Chapter 21. Version control
Chapter 22. Using Concurrent Versions System
Chapter 23. Using ClearCase
Part 6. Appendixes
Appendix A. Product installation
Appendix B. Keyboard shortcuts
Appendix C. Additional material


Publish Date
17 July 2003

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