DCE Replacement Strategies

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This IBM Redbooks publication recommends strategies that you can use to replace the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) dependencies in your environment and move to new technologies. The following topics are covered:
- DCE overview and recap
- Replacement technologies
- Replacement strategies
- Replacement scenarios
- Replacement coding examples

This book is a valuable information source if you are an executive, administrator, or developer of an IBM customer environment that uses IBM DCE for a distributed systems and application infrastructure.

Although strategies for replacing DCE are described, the book does not cover strategies for replacing dependencies to IBM products that use DCE, such as DFS and TXSeries.

Table of contents

Part 1. Description of the DCE replacement strategies
Chapter 1. DCE review
Chapter 2. Replacement technologies
Chapter 3. Replacement strategies
Chapter 4. Using DCE data with IBM Network Authentication Service
Chapter 5. Using DCE objects with IBM Tivoli Access Manager
Chapter 6. Binary structure of DCE ERA data in LDAP
Part 2. Replacement sample scenarios
Chapter 7. Common replacement considerations
Chapter 8. Scenario 1: GSS-API application
Chapter 9. Scenario 2: Non-secure RPC application
Chapter 10. Scenario 3: Secure RPC application #1
Chapter 11. Scenario 4: Secure RPC application #2
Appendix A. Scenario 1: Source code listings
Appendix B. Scenario 2: Source code listings
Appendix C. Scenario 3: Source code listings
Appendix D. Scenario 4: Source code listings
Appendix E. Additional material

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24 June 2003

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