WebSphere Application Server Test Environment Guide

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This IBM Redbooks publication discusses the approaches to building a test environment and a development environment for the WebSphere Application Server product suite in your organization.

Our intent is to explain the importance of building these environments and what to do with them. This book provides the steps to the development of a WebSphere Application Server test environment, as well as a description of possible test tools for various platforms, such as z/OS, OS/400, UNIX, AIX, and Windows. It also considers the creation of a completely integrated test solution for your organization.

This book is a guide to assist you in finding all the necessary information to select the best WebSphere solution for the designated customer environment. With this guide IBM Professionals and Business Partners will be able to determine a test environment solution for the specific customer scenarios from small to high-end markets.

This guide describes the information gathering process and product selection criteria to differentiate among the available IBM offerings and apply the appropriate test scenario and tools.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. What is all the fuss about test environments?
Chapter 2. Information gathering format
Chapter 3. Introduction to WebSphere Application Server V4.0
Chapter 4. WebSphere Application Server test environment solutions
Appendix A. Test management is your friend

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Publish Date
14 November 2002

Last Update
20 November 2002

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