IBM iDoctor iSeries Job Watcher: Advanced Performance Tool

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 11 March 2005

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ISBN-10: 073849237X
ISBN-13: 9780738492377
IBM Form #: SG24-6474-00
(298 pages)

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Authors: Jim Cook, Sandi Chromey, Tom Edgerton, Debbie Hatt


This IBM Redbooks publication is intended for those familiar with most of the IBM-provided iSeries performance tools that are generally available through the i5/OS operating systems commands and iSeries Navigator interfaces and the additional-cost Performance Tools for iSeries, 5722-PT1, licensed program.

iDoctor for iSeries is a set of software performance analysis tools and associated services that extend your ability to evaluate the health of your iSeries-based system by gathering detailed information and providing automated, graphical analysis of this data. One of these tools, Job Watcher, is the key next-step advanced tool for analyzing detailed performance data.

This book:
- Gives an overview of Job Watcher and most other IBM-provided iSeries performance measurement and management tools.
- Describes the components of performance and how Job Watcher provides access to detailed performance data.
- Provides examples of Job Watcher functions and its GUI in three applications: traditional RPG, SQL, and Java.
- Provides Job Watcher collected data file and field definitions, and SQL query examples of this data beyond Job Watcher's array of graphical reports and drill-down information.

This book's objective is to enhance the performance analyst’s proficiency in using Job Watcher as a key tool in the performance analysis tool kit.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. iDoctor for iSeries Job Watcher positioning
Chapter 2. Overview of job waits and iDoctor for iSeries Job Watcher
Chapter 3. Getting started
Chapter 4. Analysis example: traditional batch ILE RPG application
Chapter 5. SQL, call stack, and journal analysis examples
Chapter 6. Analysis example: Java application
Appendix A. Installing and uninstalling Job Watcher details
Appendix B. Database files created by Job Watcher
Appendix C. Querying and graphing tips for Job Watcher
Appendix D. Overview of Job Watcher 5250 commands
Appendix E. Job Watcher advanced topics

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