BPEL4WS Business Processes with WebSphere Business Integration: Understanding, Modeling, Migrating

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This IBM Redbooks publication introduces the industry open standard for business processes: Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS), focusing on the use of BPEL4WS throughout the WebSphere Business Integration product set.
Part One introduces the BPEL4WS standard and presents appropriate usage scenarios. The heritage of BPEL4WS as the next generation of Web services and service-oriented architecture is discussed, along with a detailed description of BPEL4WS components.
Part Two describes how WebSphere Business Integration Modeler can be used to create high level business process models suitable for business analysts, and explains how these models can be implemented as fully functional BPEL4WS processes using WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition . This creates a BPEL4WS process suitable for deployment to WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation . A sample scenario with step-by-step instructions is provided.
Part Three describes migration considerations for existing business process implementations. Migration considerations and tools for WebSphere Application Server Enterprise FDML processes are discussed. The reuse of WebSphere MQ Workflow process logic in BPEL4WS is also described. Step-by-step instructions are provided for both scenarios.

Table of contents

Part 1. BPEL4WS introduction
Chapter 1. WebSphere Business Integration and process modeling
Chapter 2. History, heritage, and directions of BPEL4WS
Chapter 3. Defining BPEL4WS
Chapter 4. Business scenario used in this book
Part 2. Modeling new BPEL4WS processes
Chapter 5. WebSphere Business Integration Modeler: modeling for BPEL4WS
Chapter 6. WebSphere Business Integration Modeler: modeling the scenario
Part 3. Migrating existing processes to BPEL4WS
Chapter 7. WebSphere MQ Workflow: migration considerations
Chapter 8. WebSphere MQ Workflow: conversion tool
Chapter 9. WebSphere MQ Workflow: converting the scenario
Chapter 10. Migrating WebSphere Application Server Enterprise processes
Appendix A. Configuring the scenario
Appendix B. Additional material


Publish Date
17 December 2004

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22 December 2004

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