New Capabilities in IBM WebSphere Transcoding Publisher Version 3.5 Extending Web Applications to the Pervasive World

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication helps you to understand the IBM WebSphere Transcoding Publisher (WTP) Version 3.5 product. It focuses on new technologies implemented in this release and helps you plan, install and configure WTP in the supported models.

For example, you will find information on how to configure WTP to run as a proxy server, reverse proxy, as a WebSphere Application Server (WAS) filter, or simply as JavaBeans within user applications.

In this book, we have included information about new transcoders, new stylesheet support, and new techniques for text clipping available in this release. You will also find numerous configuration scenarios showing ways to set up the IBM WebSphere Transcoding Publisher Version 3.5 to adapt and reformat your application content (HTML, XML, and images) so it can be accessed from devices such as WAP and i-Mode phones, Palm devices, Windows CE and WorkPads.

A basic knowledge of Java technologies such as servlets, JavaBeans, JavaServer Pages (JSPs), and the terminology used in Web publishing is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Planning and release overview
Chapter 2. Installation
Chapter 3. Proxy model
Chapter 4. Servlet model
Chapter 5. JavaBean transcoders
Chapter 6. Administration console
Chapter 7. Style sheet processing
Chapter 8. Document clipping
Chapter 9. Fragmentation
Chapter 10. Using the toolkit
Chapter 11. Transcoding in WebSphere Everyplace Suite
Chapter 12. Security considerations


Publish Date
30 May 2001

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