DFSMSrmm Primer

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DFSMSrmm from IBM® is the full function tape management system available in IBM OS/390® and IBM z/OS®. With DFSMSrmm, you can manage all types of tape media at the shelf, volume, and data set level, simplifying the tasks of your tape librarian.

Are you a new DFSMSrmm user? Then, this IBM Redbooks® publication introduces you to the DFSMSrmm basic concepts and functions. You learn how to manage your tape environment by implementing the DFSMSrmm management policies.

Are you already using DFSMSrmm? In that case, this publication provides the most up-to-date information about the new functions and enhancements introduced with the latest release of DFSMSrmm. You will find useful information for implementing these new functions and getting more benefits from DFSMSrmm.

Do you want to test DFSMSrmm functions? If you are using another tape management system and are thinking about converting to DFSMSrmm, you can start DFSMSrmm and run it in parallel with your current system for testing purposes.

This book is intended to be a starting point for new professionals and a handbook for using the basic DFSMSrmm functions.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. DFSMSrmm enhancements
Chapter 2. Introduction to DFSMSrmm
Chapter 3. Preparing the environment
Chapter 4. DFSMSrmm retention methods
Chapter 5. Excluding data sets from VRSEL processing
Chapter 6. Setting up an RMMplex
Chapter 7. Tailoring your DFSMSrmm environment
Chapter 8. System-managed library support
Chapter 9. Catalog synchronization
Chapter 10. Enabling ISPF Data Set List (DSLIST) support
Chapter 11. Policy management
Chapter 12. DFSMSrmm automatic class selection support
Chapter 13. System Authorization Facility tape security
Chapter 14. Report Generator
Chapter 15. Splitting and merging your DFSMSrmm control data set
Appendix A. Security topics


Publish Date
25 March 2014

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04 September 2014

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