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Web-to host integration has become a well-known term and is understood as an integral part of any e-business. A majority of business-critical data and applications reside on IBM host systems such as IBM S/390, IBM AS/400 and IBM RS/6000. Making this information available to new users and using it in new ways across intranets, extranets and the Internet enable companies to reduce costs, improve services, generate new sources of revenue and establish a competitive advantage.

The term legacy application extension is used to describe the trend where companies quickly move existing host applications to the intranet, extranet and the Internet without modifying existing applications. IBM Host Integration products provide a complete solution to address the legacy application extension space with solutions to address the needs of all user groups.

This book provides a high-level technical overview of IBM Host Integration solutions. It addresses the issues of choosing a solution. The book features WebSphere network products that can be used to integrate the Web with existing customer host systems, including Host On-Demand, Host Publisher, and Screen Customizer. The functions they provide are compared to other Web-to-host products and features such as CICS Transaction Gateway, IMS Connect, etc.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. IBM WebSphere Host On-Demand
Chapter 3. IBM WebSphere Host Publisher
Chapter 4. IBM Screen Customizer
Chapter 5. IBM WebFacing Tool
Chapter 6. IBM WebSphere Transcoding Publisher
Chapter 7. The Java 2 Platform
Chapter 8. WebSphere software platform
Chapter 9. AD host integration using J2EE
Chapter 10. WebSphere Enterprise Extensions
Chapter 11. Solutions for accessing CICS from the Web
Chapter 12. Solutions for accessing IMS from the Web
Chapter 13. Solutions for accessing DB2 from the Web


Publish Date
22 January 2002

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