MQSeries Backup and Recovery

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Backup and recovery is very important in every production environment. It is essential to have well-defined procedures that ensure a smooth recovery in case any of the components in the system fails, for example, disk failures, electrical black-outs, or accidentally deleted files.
This IBM Redbooks publication helps you define backup, restore and recovery procedures for MQSeries objects on MVS, AS/400, UNIX, OS/2 and Windows NT systems. Such procedures enable system operators to restore lost data, restart the system, and make applications available to end-users again as fast as possible.
This book contains concise facts about logs and archives, the data that has to be protected, where to save it and how long to keep it. Practical sample scenarios for backing up essential data, recovering destroyed objects, and restoring a corrupted queue manager are included.
The scenarios in this book have been validated using MQSeries for Windows NT Version 5, MQSeries for AIX Version 5, MQSeries for AS/400 Version 4 Release 2, and MQSeries for MVS/ESA Version 1 Release 2.
The first chapter contains an introduction to backup and recovery including topics such as circular and linear logging, messages and message logs, recording and recovering media images, and what resources to back up. The other chapters contain scenarios specific to the platforms MVS/ESA, AS/400, AIX, OS/2 and Windows NT.

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02 September 1998

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