BIO-key Biometric Service Provider for IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On

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A critical challenge that virtually every organization faces is protecting internal and customer data and making access to the systems and applications that hold that data as convenient as possible. Striking the necessary balance of security and convenience starts with authenticating users accurately and quickly. But passwords, the traditional method of authentication, can be stolen or borrowed, and they do not always adequately protect information from unauthorized use or view. Even a single sign-on (SSO) password, which must be typed every time the user accesses a different system, does not make access any more convenient or users any more productive.

BIO-key Biometric Service Provider from BIO-key International, Inc. can help organizations meet this challenge. It provides a finger-based, biometric-enabled sign-on to IBM® Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On. By using BIO-key Biometric Service Provider, the user places a finger on a reader. The fingerprint is then accurately and instantly identified and authenticated to enterprise applications and data that are protected by IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On. The identification and authentication occur without the user entering a user ID or password.

This more secure, more convenient form of identification is an intuitive, uncomplicated, and easy-to-install alternative to using a password that is too easily forgotten or compromised.

This secure SSO alternative can provide the following benefits:

  • More secure systems and applications. No password to be stolen or shared.
  • Superior user convenience. No keyboard entry of password and user ID.
  • Improved user productivity. No downtime from forgotten passwords.
  • Lower operating costs. Reduced help desk calls.

This IBM Redguide™ publication highlights the BIO-key Biometric Service Provider solution, including details about business need and business value. This guide provides two real-world examples that show how finger-based SSO addresses common business requirements. It also presents a high-level overview of the solution architecture and how it is integrated with IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On version 8.2.

Table of contents

Executive overview
Business imperative: Balancing security and convenience
Business value of BIO-key Biometric Service Provider
About BIO-key Biometric Service Provider
Case studies


Publish Date
03 July 2012

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19 July 2012

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