Authenticating Customers with Nuance Voice Biometrics Solutions

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You already know that you need to deliver consistent, effective customer service (over various channels) that is secure and cost effective. But how? Today various customer care channels are available, such as web portals, smartphone apps, interactive voice response (IVR), and contact centers. These channels tend to begin with a negative experience for both the customer and the business. In addition, to broaden their services, businesses want to extend access to mobile customers and their workforce by taking advantage of mobile device capabilities to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. However, the growth and diversity of mobile platforms adds to the complexity of managing and securing endpoints.

In many situations, traditional authentication methods fail to deliver on their primary purpose of securing customer accounts and confidential data as demonstrated by rising losses because of fraud. Voice biometrics offers an easy, quick, and positive experience for customers, in addition to reducing costs and fraud risk. IBM®, jointly with Nuance Communications, Inc., can provide your business with voice biometric solutions that offer consumers a single credential. You apply this single credential across customer service channels, such as implementing it within the enterprise contact center transformation, a customer care and insight solution, or a mobile initiative.

Nuance Voice Biometrics products meet the dynamic security needs of your business, government agencies, and other organizations. These products rely on the most advanced and accurate speaker verification technology that is available. By using these products, your organization can improve security, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce costs, and deliver increased convenience to the customers you serve, regardless of the communication channel.

This IBM Redguide™ publication highlights the challenges of providing automated customer service and the value of the Nuance Voice Biometrics solutions. It describes the Nuance Voice Biometric solutions and identifies key features of the solution. In addition, it includes case studies and scenarios that provide insight into real-world usage of the solutions.

Table of contents

Executive overview
Business challenges of authentication
Business value of voice biometrics
IBM and Nuance Voice Biometrics solutions
Customer care scenarios that use Nuance Voice Biometrics


Publish Date
07 September 2012

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10 September 2012

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