An Application Centric Performance Evaluation of the Linux 2.6 Operating System

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Over the last several years, the Linux® operating system has gained rapid acceptance in many scientific and commercial environments as the operating system of choice. The Linux operating system is being utilized in rather vast and distinct server environments, including mail, print, and gateway based solutions, and is today regarded as a reliable, efficient, and effective de-facto solution for Web, database, and application servers, respectively. The performance aspects of the Linux operating system (as executed on these types of machines) is regarded as being very competitive, particularly on smaller systems with up to four processors. Recently, there has been an increased emphasis on the performance of Linux on mid- to high-end enterprise-class systems, where the number of processors may range up to 64 (sometimes even higher). Therefore, the emphasis of this paper is on scalability and performance related aspects surrounding actual applications and the Linux 2.6 framework.

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27 July 2004

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