DB2 Cube Views Getting Started With MicroStrategy

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Multidimensionality is the primary requirement for an OLAP system, and the cube always refers to the collections of the data that an OLAP system implements.

Business Intelligence and OLAP systems are no longer limited to the privileged few business analysts: they are being democratized by being shared with the rank and file employee demanding a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that is more OLAP-aware.

IBM DB2 Cube Views V8.1 (DB2 Cube Views through the Redpaper) and its cube model provides DB2 Universal Database (DB2 through the Redpaper) the ability to address multidimensional analysis and become an actor in the OLAP world, as detailed in the IBM Redbooks publication, DB2 Cube Views: A Primer, SG24-7002.

This Redpaper documents the metadata bridge from DB2 Cube Views to MicroStrategy and will help DB2 database administrators and Business Intelligence architects understand and evaluate its benefits in their own Business Intelligence and OLAP system environment.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. DB2 Cube Views: scenarios and benefits
Chapter 2. Meta Integration of DB2 Cube Views within the enterprise toolset


Publish Date
05 September 2003

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