Multiplatform APPC Configuration Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication


This publication explains how to configure APPC and APPN on a variety
of system platforms. It describes the steps needed to configure
APPC and APPN, it explicitly states which values in one computer's
configuration need to match values in a partner computer's
configuration, and clarifies the terminology differences between
computers by mapping to a set of standard terms and confining
platform-specific terms to the chapter that describes that platform.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.0
Chapter 2. AIX SNA Services/6000 Configuration 2.0
Chapter 3. AIX SNA Server/6000 Configuration 3.0
Chapter 4. AS/400 Configuration 4.0
Chapter 5. OS/2 Extended Services and Networking Services/2 Configuration 5.0
Chapter 6. OS/2 Communications Manager/2 Configuration 6.0
Chapter 7. Networking Services/DOS Configuration 7.0
Chapter 8. Networking Services for Windows Configuration 8.0
Chapter 9. CICS Configuration 9.0
Chapter 10. APPC/MVS Configuration 10.0
Chapter 11. APPC/VM Configuration 11.0
Appendix A. Using Node IDs in VTAM A.0
Appendix B. The 3174 Establishment Controller B.0
Appendix C. Working with Dependent LUs in OS/2 C.0
Appendix D. CICS: Autoinstalling Parallel Sessions D.0


Publish Date
15 December 1994

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