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Latest Redpapers

Redpapers are short technical documents that have been written to address a specific topic. They can be the result of ITSO residencies and may also be contributed from other sources. They reflect working experiences on a specific topic.

Note that these documents are only available online. Because these papers are not published through the ITSO’s normal publishing process, the layouts may vary.

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1. Implementing IBM Real-time Compression on the IBM XIV Storage System
Published on 23 November 2015
2. Benefits of Configuring More Memory in the IBM z/OS Software Stack
Published on 20 November 2015, last updated November-30-2015, Rating: (based on 2 reviews)
3. Systems of Insight Overview
Published on 17 November 2015
4. Creating Hybrid Clouds with IBM Bluemix Integration Services
Published on 17 November 2015
5. Streamline Management of the IBM z Systems Host Cryptographic Module Using IBM Trusted Key Entry
Published on 12 November 2015
6. IBM Enterprise Content Management Mobile Application Implementation
Published on 12 November 2015
7. Implementing IBM Spectrum Scale
Published on 11 November 2015, last updated November-20-2015
8. Enabling IBM MQ Messaging with the IBM MQ Appliance
Published on 9 November 2015
9. IBM FlashSystem V9000 in a VersaStack Environment
Published on 28 October 2015
10. Enabling Siemens Medical Imaging Applications on IBM Storwize V7000 and Storwize V7000 Unified Systems
Published on 23 October 2015
11. IBM Security Access Manager Appliance Deployment Patterns
Published on 23 October 2015, last updated November-2-2015
12. Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.4 Installation and Upgrade on IBM Power S824
Published on 22 October 2015
13. Keep Your Systems and Services Available with IBM z Systems and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z
Published on 20 October 2015
14. Cisco MDS 9396S 16G Multilayer Fabric Switch for IBM System Storage
Published on 20 October 2015
15. Liberty in a DevOps Continuous Delivery Environment
Published on 14 October 2015, Rating: (based on 1 review)
16. Combining IBM Storwize V7000 IP Replication and Oracle Data Guard: Reference Guide for Database and Storage Administrators
Published on 13 October 2015
17. Always On: Considerations When Adopting the Cloud
Published on 13 October 2015, Rating: (based on 2 reviews)
18. SAS Business Analytics Deployment on IBM POWER8 Processor-Based Systems: With IBM XIV Storage System and IBM FlashSystem
Published on 13 October 2015, last updated October-26-2015
19. IBM z Systems: Performance Report on Exploiting SMT for SAP Application Servers on z13
Published on 13 October 2015
20. Applying Analytics to IMS Data Helps Achieve Competitive Advantage
Published on 9 October 2015
21. Enterprise Content Management for SAP
Published on 15 September 2015
22. Big Data Analytics with IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes
Published on 14 September 2015, last updated November-27-2015
23. Getting Fast Business Insight with SAP HANA on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and IBM Power Systems
Published on 9 September 2015
24. IBM PureApplication Software Version 2.1 on VersaStack: Designing and Implementing PureApplication Software on VersaStack
Published on 9 September 2015
25. Creating Applications in Bluemix Using the Microservices Approach
Published on 8 September 2015
26. Lenovo PDU Quick Reference Guide – International
Published on 4 September 2015
27. Lenovo PDU Quick Reference Guide - North America
Published on 4 September 2015
28. IBM Bluemix The Cloud Platform for Creating and Delivering Applications
Published on 1 September 2015
29. IBM CICS Performance Series: Comparing Type 2 and Type 4 JDBC Driver Performance with IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V5.2 Liberty JVM server
Published on 28 August 2015, Rating: (based on 2 reviews)
30. Regain control of your environment with IBM Storage Insights
Published on 28 August 2015, last updated September-2-2015, Rating: (based on 2 reviews)


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