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testIBM MobileFirst offers you a comprehensive set of mobile products and services to increase efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage. To help you become a mobile enterprise, IBM Redbooks provides resources to help you get started, from Solution Guides that describe how a combination of products forms a solution to blog posts that explore and explain the mobile landscape and offerings. Redbooks resources provide you with the right level of information, when and how you need it.

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1. IBM MobileFirst Strategy Software Approach
Draft Redbooks
, last updated 5 Dec 2013
2. Securing Your Mobile Business with IBM Worklight
, published 7 Oct 2013
3. Technology Innovations for Your Enterprise Using IBM Security Solutions
, published 11 Jul 2013
4. Enabling Mobile Apps with IBM Worklight Application Center
, published 11 Jun 2013
5. Transform Your Organization into a Mobile Enterprise with IBM Worklight
Solution Guide
, published 9 Oct 2013
6. Getting Started with IBM Worklight
Solution Guide
, published 26 Aug 2013

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