Have you carefully read the residency description, objectives and benefits? You personally, and your sponsoring organization, are making a serious commitment and investment by this nomination. For this reason, you must have the full support and approval of your manager prior to submitting this nomination.

A residency means hard work in often challenging circumstances with some of the best professionals from around the world. You, and your team members, are applying to write an IBM Redbooks publication. There is a lot to learn and discover from IBM development and your peers, and a lot is expected of you. Be prepared to deliver.

An accepted nomination is an implied commitment to the entire work effort. Your project leader and fellow residents depend on your commitment for the entire residency - be sure you have the time, and support, for this project.

Be sure to contact the project leader if you believe you have outstanding qualifications but only limited availability. IBM Redbooks are based on the practical experience of the residents - only the project leader can assess the best mix and will be flexible given the needs of the project and the skills available.

Do not overestimate your language skills - both written and spoken English. While ITSO has many residents (from about 50 countries) for whom English is a second language, the residency period is short and the experience is intensive. Your ability to communicate with your peers directly, and to users through the IBM Redbooks, is essential.

Nominees are typically employees of companies, organizations, or institutions. Nominees who do not meet this criteria must be formally sponsored by a company, organization, or institution. A nominee employed by a self-owned company must prove in advance that it is a legally-registered business entity in its home country.

The financial arrangements are defined by the ITSO and are not negotiable. They require that you are employed or sponsored by a formal organization with whom the ITSO will arrange expense reimbursement; this arrangement must be established before the residency starts. Do not nominate yourself unless you are satisfied that this can be arranged and your nomination will be supported. The "manager" in the nomination is the formal representative of the sponsoring organization. Details of the allowable expenses and other considerations are contained in the acceptance letter.

Faculty or students of formal educational institutions are welcome as candidates if sponsored by the institution. Fill in the 'company' and 'manager' in the nomination form accordingly.

Business Partners and clients must provide signed legal agreements PRIOR to traveling to the ITSO. Due to their importance, receipt of these documents by the ITSO is MANDATORY, prior to the resident's traveling. Failure to comply with these procedures will delay travel approval for the residency.

Be sure to describe your skills appropriately in the context of the residency objective. It is a competitive process and many very qualified people are not accepted every year due to the number and experience of the candidates. It is possible that you might receive an e-mail or a phone call from the project leader to better qualify your nomination.

While skills and experience are the key factors in selection, candidates from IBM, Business Partners, and clients will be favored when equivalent skills and experience are being considered. ITSO project leaders will balance all appropriate factors to determine the best mix for the project and its objectives, and their selection decision is final.

Normally the project leader or representative will notify all nominees by e-mail, within two or three business days following the "submit nomination by" date, indicating whether they have been selected. Any nominees who have not been notified by that time should contact the project leader for clarification.

IBM has copyright over all materials that are generated as part of the residency process. All residents are formally acknowledged as authors of the materials published as a result of a residency. No fee or compensation, other than actual expenses, is offered for participation in a residency.

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