Building Applications with IBM Rational Application Developer and JavaBeans

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by Colette Burrus, Stephanie Parkin

Published: 15 Mar 2008
ISBN: 978-1-93-118227-0

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This book showcases the visual programming features of Rational Application Developer, demonstrating how easy it is to quickly create applications with JavaBeans. Intended for novice to intermediate programmers with limited familiarity with the Java programming language, the book uses Rational Application Developer as an educational tool for teaching visual programming to create Java applications, applets, and servlets. Whether you’re new to Java or an old pro, you’ll see how Rational Application Developer makes development of Java applications easier and faster.

Consisting of two parts, the book first covers how to build JavaServer Faces Web applications (servlets) using the Page Designer tool. Part two covers building Java applications and applets using the Visual Editor for Java, which lets programmers visually design their graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Both parts focus on building applications with reusable components (JavaBeans) to get them up and running quickly. Throughout, the authors compare and contrast the two visual programming environments to explain the differences between Java applications, applets, and servlets.

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