The Greening of IT

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by John Lamb

Published: 27 Apr 2009
ISBN: 978-0-13-715083-0

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Drawing on leading-edge experience, John Lamb helps you realistically assess the business case for green IT, set priorities, and overcome the internal and external challenges to making it work. He offers proven solutions for issues ranging from organizational obstacles to executive motivation and discusses crucial issues ranging from utility rate incentives to metrics. Along the way, you’ll discover energy-saving opportunities—from virtualization and consolidation to cloud and grid computing—and solutions that will improve business flexibility as they reduce environmental impact.
Lamb presents case studies, checklists, and more—all the practical guidance you need to drive maximum bottom-line value from your green IT initiative.


In this 2-part podcast series, John Lamb and Ravi Subramaniam discuss green IT and cloud computing. Part 1 explains the basics and helps you assess the business case for green IT. Part 2 continues the discussion with an emphasis on worldwide trends.

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