Mining the Talk: Unlocking the Business Value in Unstructured Information

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by Scott Spangler, Jeffrey Kreulen.

Published: 19 Jul 2007
ISBN: 978-0-13-233953-7

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The authors review the business drivers that have made unstructured data so important–and explain why conventional methods for working with it are inadequate. Then, writing for business professionals–not just data mining specialists–they walk step-by-step through exploring your unstructured data, understanding it, and analyzing it effectively.
Next, you’ll put IBM’s techniques to work in five key areas: learning from your customer interactions; hearing the voices of customers when they’re not talking to you; discovering the “collective consciousness” of your own organization; enhancing innovation; and spotting emerging trends. Whatever your organization, Mining the Talk offers you breakthrough opportunities to become more responsive, agile, and competitive.

    • Identify your key information sources and what can be learned about them
    • Discover the underlying structure inherent in your unstructured information
    • Create flexible models that capture both domain knowledge and business objectives
    • Create visual taxonomies: “pictures” of your data and its key interrelationships
    • Combine structured and unstructured information to reveal hidden trends, patterns, and relationships
    • Gain insights from “informal talk” by customers and employees
    • Systematically leverage knowledge from technical literature, patents, and the Web
    • Establish a sustainable process for creating continuing business value from unstructured data


Scott Spangler describes how to unlock the business value hidden in unstructured data—from word processing docs to websites, from emails to instant messages. Learn about breakthrough opportunities to become responsive, agile, & competitive in this two-part audio series.

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