Can Two Rights Make a Wrong?: Insights from IBM's Tangible Culture Approach

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by Sara J. Moulton Reger.

Published: 27 Mar 2006
ISBN: 978-0-13-173294-0

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Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? leverages the lessons learned during IBM’s $3.5 billion acquisition of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting: insight that IBM has crystallized into a powerful methodology for transforming business culture.
The authors introduce “Business Practices,” an actionable surrogate for “culture” that business people can identify with, gauge, and act upon. Then, one step at a time, you’ll learn how to apply IBM’s practical culture transformation techniques in your unique environment. You’ll discover common patterns that lead to culture clashes so you can resolve or, better yet, prevent them. You’ll learn to clarify your expectations so people really “get” it—and do it. You’ll gain the way to measure culture change progress in terms everyone can understand and buy into.
Whether you’re involved with M&As, joint ventures, major transformation, internal restructuring, or any other initiative where culture is important, this book can help you take culture from a worrisome risk to a competitive advantage.

    • Business Practices: the unseen hand that propels action
      Uncover what makes your organization unique
    • Right vs. Right: What to do when good options conflict
      Understand and manage the source of culture clash
    • Outcome Narratives: Get to the right place, the right way
      Clarify your desired future, clear the obstacles, measure progress, and deliver results


IBM is well known for its technology prowess, and in the book Can Two Rights Make a Wrong? Insights from IBM's Tangible Culture Approach, IBM offers its own experiences in handling culture challenges based on its 2002 $3.5 billion acquisition of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting. Apply these lessons and take culture from a worrisome risk to a competitive advantage.

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