Understanding DB2 9 Security

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by Rebecca Bond, Kevin Yeung-Kuen See, Carmen Ka Man Wong, Yuk-Kuen Henry Chan.

Published: 13 Dec 2006
ISBN: 978-0-13-134590-4

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This book’s material is organized to support you through every step of securing DB2 in Windows®, Linux®, or UNIX® environments. You’ll start by exploring the regulatory and business issues driving your security efforts, and then master the technological and managerial knowledge crucial to effective implementation. Next, the authors offer practical guidance on post-implementation auditing, and show how to systematically maintain security on an ongoing basis.
Coverage includes

    • Establishing effective security processes, teams, plans, and policies
    • Implementing identification and authentication controls, your first lines of defense
    • DB2 in Windows environments: managing the unique risks, leveraging the unique opportunities
    • Using the new Label Based Access Control (LBAC) of DB2 9 to gain finer-grained control over data protection
    • Encrypting DB2 connections, data “in flight,” and data on disk: step-by-step guidance
    • Auditing and intrusion detection: crucial technical implementation details
    • Using SSH to secure machine-to-machine communication in DB2 9 multi-partitioned environments
    • Staying current with the latest DB2 security patches and fixes

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