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The DevOps Adoption Playbook

by Sanjeev Sharma
This book provides a playbook on how to adopt DevOps in a multi speed IT enterprise, and achieve both Innovation and Optimization, while at the same time managing cost, risk, and quality.
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Practical Software Architecture: Moving from System Context to Deployment

by Tilak Mitra
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Mobile Strategy: How Your Company Can Win by Embracing Mobile Technologies

by Dirk Nicol
Mobile Strategy  gives IT organizations all the guidance they need to navigate this complex landscape, leverage its opportunities, and protect their investments along the way. IBM’s Dirk Nicol clearly explains key trends and issues across the entire mobile project lifecycle. He offers insights critical to evaluating mobile technologies, and presents proven best practices based on real-world case studies from his extensive experience with IBM’s enterprise customers.
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Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud

by Alex Amies, Harm Sluiman, Qiang Guo Tong, Guo Ning Liu.
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Is Your Company Ready for Cloud?: Choosing the Best Cloud Adoption Strategy for Your Business

by Pamela K. Isom.
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Multisite Commerce: Proven Principles for Overcoming the Business, Organizational, and Technical Challenges

by Lev Mirlas
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The Greening of IT

by John Lamb
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Policy Technologies for Self-Managing Systems

by Dakshi Agrawal, Seraphin Calo, Kang-won Lee, Jorge Lobo, Dinesh Verma.
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Persistence in the Enterprise: A Guide to Persistence Technologies

by Roland Barcia, Geoffrey Hambrick, Kyle Brown, Robert Peterson, Kulvir Singh Bhogal.
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Eating the IT Elephant: Moving from Greenfield Development to Brownfield

by Richard Hopkins, Kevin Jenkins
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RFID Sourcebook

by Sandip Lahiri

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