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Integrated Law Enforcement: A Holistic Approach to Solving Crime
Smarter Cities

Redguide, published 23 Jun 2014

IBM® i2® Integrated Law Enforcement is a single solution that supports three primary types of user communities with three major logical components:
- Intelligent Operations, serving the command and operational community
- Intelligence Analysis, serving the analyst and investigative community
- Integrated Policing, serving the front line officer community
i2 Integrated Law Enforcement offers a modular design and flexible deployment options. Agencies can choose to deploy the entire preconfigured law enforcement solution or they can gradually deploy modules ... [more]

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IBM Intelligent Operations Center V1.6.01: Unleashing the Programming Model to Extend the Base Solution
Smarter Cities

Solution Guide, published 7 Mar 2014

IBM® Intelligent Operations Center is an integrated solution. It provides a rich set of capabilities and line-of-business tools that business users with domain expertise and no technical background can use immediately. IBM Intelligent Operations Center also provides services and extension points that developers can use to extend the IBM Intelligent Operations Center standard functions and develop capabilities that are specific to the domain and customer requirements. Using the programming model can help you achieve the following benefits:
- Meet domain-specific and customer's ... [more]

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Smarter Environmental Analytics Solutions: Offshore Oil and Gas Installations Example

Solution Guide, published 19 Dec 2013

This IBM® Redbooks® Solution Guide describes a solution for implementing smarter environmental monitoring and analytics for the oil and gas industries. The solution implements real-time monitoring of environmental data to facilitate early detection of, and response to, operational events surrounding offshore oil and gas installations. The solution uses various sensors and sensor platforms to monitor critical parameters of the undersea environment. These parameters are used by various stakeholders to identify and evaluate the effects of oil and gas operations on the ... [more]

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Smarter Cities Series: Understanding Fraud Investigation
Smarter Cities

Redguide, published 13 Sep 2013, last updated 11 Nov 2013

Fraud and financial crime is a significant, persistent, and evolving challenge to the public and private sector. It costs an estimated five to eight percent of revenues per annum and, overall, is measured in trillions of dollars. In addition to the direct financial impact, there is also a real risk of long-term damage to reputation, client confidence, and violation of regulations, leading to fines and an impact on shareholder value in the private sector, and loss of confidence in public bodies. Public awareness and nonacceptance of the costs of fraud and financial crime are also increasing. ... [more]

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Building a Smarter Data Center with IBM Flex System and Juniper Networks QFabric
Industry Solutions

Redpaper, published 28 Mar 2013, last updated 24 May 2013

Data centers must become smarter to meet today’s business needs. They need to be more efficient, scalable, and flexible and at the same time keep operational costs in check. A smarter data center must seamlessly integrate IT resources, such as servers, storage, and networking, while also responding quickly to change. Networking plays an essential role in enabling infrastructures for smarter data centers. In dynamic environments with virtualized IT resources, the network must do more than just carry traffic and support the provisioning of new IT services. It must also have the built-in ... [more]

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