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DFSMShsm Fast Replication Technical Guide

Downloaded 85 times last month. Published 4 May 2015, last updated 12 May 2015

Managing Ever-Increasing Amounts of Data with IBM DB2 for z/OS: Using Temporal Data Management, Archive Transparency, and the DB2 Analytics Accelerator

Downloaded 83 times last month. Published 25 Sep 2015, last updated 20 Oct 2015

The Value of Active-Active Sites with Q Replication for IBM DB2 for z/OS An Innovative IBM Client's Experience

Downloaded 78 times last month. Published 23 Jan 2015

Secure Hybrid Cloud Connectivity with IBM Bluemix and z Systems

Downloaded 73 times last month. Published 24 Jul 2015, last updated 21 Aug 2015

The Next Generation of Distributed IBM CICS

Downloaded 73 times last month. Published 3 Jun 2015

Enterprise Java Monitoring on z/OS with OMEGAMON: A Practical Guide to Managing JVM Performance on z/OS

Downloaded 67 times last month. Published 23 Feb 2017

IBM CICS Performance Series: Effective Monitoring for CICS Performance Benchmarks

Downloaded 65 times last month. Published 17 Feb 2015

z/OS PKI Services: Quick Set-up for Multiple CAs

Downloaded 63 times last month. Published 20 Sep 2016, last updated 20 Jan 2017

End to End Security with z Systems

Downloaded 57 times last month. Published 3 Apr 2015

IBM z Systems Qualified DWDM: ADVA FSP 3000 Release Level 13.2.2

Downloaded 56 times last month. Published 6 May 2016

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