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Protecting the VMware Environment with IBM Spectrum Protect
Spectrum Computing

Redpaper, published 25 Dec 2017, last updated 8 Jan 2018

While backup is a topic of much discussion, development, and strategy, the name of the game is rapid recovery. Given the explosive growth of data in our Client environments, there is a need to provide solutions to our Clients that meet their recovery time objective and recovery point objective needs. Traditional backups of files, databases, and similar objects sent across networks (LAN or SAN) to backup servers provide a degree of recoverability, but the speed of backup and recovery is constrained by resource capacity (server, network, storage, and so on). This results in longer backup and ... [more]

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IBM FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R, IBM XIV, and IBM Spectrum Accelerate with IBM SAN Volume Controller Best Practices
Storage Solutions

Redpaper, published 8 Jan 2018

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes preferred practices for attaching members of the IBM Spectrum™ Accelerate family, including the IBM XIV® Gen3 Storage System, IBM FlashSystem® A9000, IBM FlashSystem A9000R, and other IBM Spectrum Accelerate™ based deployments, to either an IBM System Storage® SAN Volume Controller or IBM Storwize® V7000 system. The paper also explains what to consider for data migration when done in combination with a SAN Volume Controller or a Storwize V7000 system. In addition, this publication describes data reduction, and where it is appropriate to enable ... [more]

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Using IBM DS8000 in an OpenStack Environment
Storage Solutions

Redpaper, published 28 Dec 2017

With the availability of the IBM® Storage Driver for OpenStack, the IBM DS8000® can offer a range of capabilities that enable more effective storage automation deployments to private or public clouds. Enabling OpenStack with DS8000 allows storage to be made available whenever it is needed without the traditional associated cost of highly skilled administrators and infrastructure. This IBM Redpaper™ publication explains how to integrate the DS8000 in an OpenStack environment, first from the DS8000 Storage Administrator perspective and then from a cloud administrator standpoint. This paper ... [more]

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IBM Spectrum Scale Best Practices for Genomics Medicine Workloads
Software Defined Storage

Redpaper, published 22 Dec 2017

Advancing the science of medicine by targeting a disease more precisely with treatment specific to each patient relies on access to that patient's genomics information and the ability to process massive amounts of genomics data quickly. Although genomics data is becoming a critical source for precision medicine, it is expected to create an expanding data ecosystem. Thus hospitals, genome centers, medical research centers, and other clinical institutes need to explore new methods of storing, accessing, securing, managing, sharing, and analyzing significant amounts of data. Healthcare and life ... [more]

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Fabric Resiliency Best Practices
Storage Networking

Redpaper, published 9 Jan 2017, last updated 21 Dec 2017

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes preferred practices for deploying and using advanced Brocade Fabric Operating System (FOS) features to identify, monitor, and protect Fibre Channel (FC) SANs from problematic devices and media behavior. This paper focuses on the FOS command options and features that are available from versions 7.2 - 7.4, but also covers other features such as bottleneck detection, port fencing, and Fabric Watch.

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