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Introduction to Storage Area Networks
Storage Networking

Redbooks, published 19 Dec 2017, last updated 9 Oct 2018

The superabundance of data that is created by today's businesses is making storage a strategic investment priority for companies of all sizes. As storage takes precedence, the following major initiatives emerge:
- Flatten and converge your network: IBM® takes an open, standards-based approach to implement the latest advances in the flat, converged data center network designs of today. IBM Storage solutions enable clients to deploy a high-speed, low-latency Unified Fabric Architecture.
- Optimize and automate virtualization: Advanced virtualization awareness reduces the cost ... [more]

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IBM HyperSwap for IBM FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R
Storage Solutions

Redpaper, published 21 Mar 2018, last updated 1 Oct 2018

IBM® HyperSwap® is the high availability (HA) solution that provides continuous data availability in case of hardware failure, power failure, connectivity failure, or disasters. The HyperSwap capability is available for IBM FlashSystem® A9000 and IBM FlashSystem A9000R, starting with software version 12.1. This IBM Redpaper™ publication gives a broad understanding of the architecture, design, and implementation of HyperSwap. It also discusses and illustrates various use cases pertaining to the use and functionality of HyperSwap. This paper is intended for those who want to deploy solutions ... [more]

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IBM Spectrum Scale Security

Redpaper, published 18 Sep 2018

Storage systems must provide reliable and convenient data access to all authorized users while simultaneously preventing threats coming from outside or even inside the enterprise. Security threats come in many forms, from unauthorized access to data, data tampering, denial of service, and obtaining privileged access to systems. According to the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA), data security in the context of storage systems is responsible for safeguarding the data against theft, prevention of unauthorized disclosure of data, prevention of data tampering, and accidental ... [more]

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IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller and Storwize V7000 Best Practices and Performance Guidelines
Software Defined Storage

Redbooks, published 3 May 2018, last updated 7 Sep 2018

This IBM® Redbooks® publication captures several of the preferred practices and describes the performance gains that can be achieved by implementing the IBM System Storage® SAN Volume Controller and IBM Storwize® V7000 powered by IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ V8.1. These practices are based on field experience. This book highlights configuration guidelines and preferred practices for the storage area network (SAN) topology, clustered system, back-end storage, storage pools and managed disks, volumes, remote copy services, and hosts. Then it provides performance guidelines for SAN Volume ... [more]

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Implementing VersaStack with Cisco ACI Multi-Pod and IBM HyperSwap for High Availability
Software Defined Storage

Redbooks, published 23 Aug 2018, last updated 24 Aug 2018

The IBM HyperSwap® high availability (HA) function allows business continuity in a hardware failure, power failure, connectivity failure, or disasters, such as fire or flooding. It is available on the IBM SAN Volume Controller and IBM Storwize V7000 products. This IBM Redbooks publication covers the preferred practices for implementing Cisco VersaStack with IBM HyperSwap. The following are some of the topics covered in this book:
- Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure to showcase Cisco's ACI with Nexus 9Ks
- Cisco Fabric Interconnects and Unified Computing System (UCS) ... [more]

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