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IBM Cloud Object Storage Concepts and Architecture: An Under-the-Hood Guide for IBM Cloud Object Storage
Software Defined Storage

Redpaper, published 22 Mar 2017, last updated 24 Mar 2017

Object storage is the primary data resource used in the cloud, and it is also increasingly used for on-premise solutions. Object storage is growing for the following reasons:
- It is designed for scale in many ways (multi-site, multi-tenant, massive amounts of data).
- It is easy to use and yet meets the growing demands of enterprises for a broad expanse of applications and workloads.
- It allows users to balance storage cost, location, and compliance control requirements across data sets and essential applications.
Due to its characteristics, object storage is ... [more]

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Cloud Object Storage as a Service: IBM Cloud Object Storage from Theory to Practice - For developers, IT architects and IT specialists

Redbooks, published 17 Mar 2017, last updated 24 Mar 2017

The digital enterprise has resulted in an explosion of data, and data volumes are expected to grow in zettabyte scale in the next few years. This explosive growth is largely fueled by unstructured data, such as video, social media, photos, and text. IBM® Cloud Object Storage (previously known as Cleversafe®) provides organizations the flexibility, scalability, and simplicity required to store, manage, and access today's rapidly growing unstructured data. Cloud Object Storage (COS) provides access to your unstructured data via a self-service portal from anywhere in the world with RESTful ... [more]

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DS8000 Copy Services
Storage Solutions

Redbooks, published 15 Mar 2017

This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you plan, install, tailor, configure, and manage Copy Services on the IBM DS8000® operating in an IBM z Systems® or Open Systems environment. This book helps you design and implement a new Copy Services installation or migrate from an existing installation. It includes hints and tips to maximize the effectiveness of your installation, and information about tools and products to automate Copy Services functions. It is intended for anyone who needs a detailed and practical understanding of the DS8000 Copy ... [more]

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DS8000 Global Mirror Best Practices
Storage Solutions

Redpaper, published 7 Mar 2017

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication reviews the architecture and operations of the IBM DS8000® Global Mirror function. The document looks at different aspects of the solution in terms of performance, infrastructure requirements, data integrity, business continuity, and impact on production. Hints and tips are provided on how to best configure the overall Global Mirror environment, in terms of connectivity, storage configuration, and specific parameters tuning. The guidelines that are provided are in general related to performance, which ultimately ensures a better recovery point objective ... [more]

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IBM TS7700 Release 3.3
Storage Solutions

Redbooks, published 19 May 2016, last updated 7 Mar 2017

Note: The IBM TS7700 Release 4.0 Guide, SG24-8366 is available at: IBM® TS7700 is a family of mainframe virtual tape solutions that optimize data protection and business continuance for IBM z Systems™ data. Through the use of virtualization and disk cache, the TS7700 family operates at disk speeds while maintaining compatibility with existing tape operations. Its fully integrated tiered storage hierarchy takes advantage of both disk and tape technologies to deliver performance for active data and best economics for inactive and archive ... [more]

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