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Introduction and Implementation of Data Reduction Pools and Deduplication
Storage Software

Redbooks, published 26 Nov 2018, last updated 30 Jul 2019

Continuing its commitment to developing and delivering industry-leading storage technologies, IBM® introduces Data Reduction Pools (DRP) and Deduplication powered by IBM Spectrum™ Virtualize, which are innovative storage features that deliver essential storage efficiency technologies and exceptional ease of use and performance, all integrated into a proven design. This book discusses Data Reduction Pools (DRP) and Deduplication and is intended for experienced storage administrators who are fully familiar with IBM Spectrum Virtualize, SAN Volume Controller, and the Storwize family of ... [more]

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IBM Spectrum Scale: Big Data and Analytics Solution Brief
Software Defined Storage

Redguide, published 23 Jan 2018, last updated 17 Jul 2019

This IBM® Redguide™ publication describes big data and analytics deployments that are built on IBM Spectrum Scale™. IBM Spectrum Scale is a proven enterprise-level distributed file system that is a high-performance and cost-effective alternative to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for Hadoop analytics services. IBM Spectrum Scale includes NFS, SMB, and Object services and meets the performance that is required by many industry workloads, such as technical computing, big data, analytics, and content management. IBM Spectrum Scale provides world-class, web-based storage management with ... [more]

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Implementing the IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller with IBM Spectrum Virtualize V8.2.1
Software Defined Storage

Redbooks, published 4 Jul 2019

This IBM® Redbooks® publication is a detailed technical guide to the IBM System Storage® SAN Volume Controller (SVC), which is powered by IBM Spectrum™ Virtualize V8.2.1. IBM SAN Volume Controller is a virtualization appliance solution that maps virtualized volumes that are visible to hosts and applications to physical volumes on storage devices. Each server within the storage area network (SAN) has its own set of virtual storage addresses that are mapped to physical addresses. If the physical addresses change, the server continues running by using the same virtual addresses that it had ... [more]

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Best Practices for DS8000 and z/OS HyperSwap with Copy Services Manager
Storage Solutions

Redbooks, published 22 May 2019, last updated 21 Jun 2019

Many IBM® z/OS® customers require their applications to be available 24x7. Whether the business requirements are high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR), or business continuity, IBM HyperSwap® technology can provide an adequate solution. HyperSwap is the industry standard and is provided as several different implementation options to meet the various business needs of the IBM System z® and z/OS customer base. IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) enables you to manage z/OS HyperSwap and helps you manage planned and unplanned actions in an z/OS environment from an open systems environment. ... [more]

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IBM FlashCore Module Cryptographic Erase
Flash storage

Redpaper, published 8 Apr 2019

IBM® FlashCore Modules (FCMs) are storage devices that are available in 4.8 TB, 9.6 TB, and 19.2 TB capacities. They are a 2.5-inch drive form factor device and use second-generation 3D triple-level cell (TLC) flash memory on which to store data. This paper describes the cryptographic erasure of data that is stored on these devices when used in an IBM FlashSystem® 9100 (9846-AF7, 9846-AF8, 9848-AF7, 9848-AF8, 9848-UF7, and 9848-UF8), or IBM Storwize® V5100 (2077-424, 2077-A4F, 2078-424, and ... [more]

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