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Patterns: Building Serial and Parallel Processes for IBM WebSphere Process Server V6
Smarter Process

Redbooks, published 23 Apr 2006, last updated 25 Apr 2006

IBM WebSphere Process Server, and the accompanying IBM WebSphere Integration Developer development tool, provide a vast array of powerful features for building business process solutions. But how can you use those features for your organization? This IBM Redbooks publication takes a scenario-based approach to demonstrate these product features and employs the IBM Patterns for e-business to illustrate proven business process patterns. Part 1 of this book introduces the Patterns for e-business. The Patterns for e-business are a group of proven, reusable assets that can be used to increase the ... [more]

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Build a Business Process Solution Using Rational and WebSphere Tools
Application Platform

Redbooks, published 24 Feb 2006

This IBM Redbooks publication is based on the experiences of a team in the IBM Hursley laboratory. They built an auto-claim insurance solution to put the WebSphere software platform through its paces. The team worked with WebSphere developers to use the experience of building the solution to improve the design of WebSphere version 6 platform products. They thought it would be valuable to share their experiences with a wider audience. The result is a tour de force, showing how the team went about using IBM’s software development platform to understand business requirements and then ... [more]

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