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Performance and Capacity Implications for a Smarter Planet
z Systems

Redpaper, published 12 Jul 2011, last updated 14 Jul 2011

IBM® uses the phrase Smarter Planet™ to describe its vision for the future, in which the world’s systems become increasingly instrumented, interconnected, and infused with intelligence to better manage the environments in which we work, play, and live. Real examples of current and emerging technologies exist. These technologies are starting to enable “smarter” solutions for vital domains, such as energy, transportation, food production, conservation, finance, and health care. For such an ambitious vision to become a reality, there are many technical challenges to address, among them ... [more]

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Infrastructure Solutions: Building a Smart Bank Operating Environment
IT Service Management

Redbooks, published 19 Oct 2006, last updated 9 Jun 2009

IBM® created the Smart Bank showcase to demonstrate to retail banking clients the benefits of IBM products, services, and solutions in addressing their key business issues. The Smart Bank showcase covers different solutions areas such as IT service management, service-oriented architecture, optimization of IT resources, information lifecycle management, information warehouse, and business continuity. The Smart Bank showcase is an implementation of these solutions in a real environment. This IBM Redbooks® publication looks at the infrastructure monitoring and infrastructure management ... [more]

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Implementing the Poughkeepsie Green Data Center: Showcasing a Dynamic Infrastructure
Smarter Cities

Redpaper, published 29 May 2009, last updated 1 Jun 2009

The IBM® Design Center Data Center in Poughkeepsie, New York, was running out of cooling capacity and needed to address continuing IT growth requirements. Innovative change was required and transformation of this infrastructure was achieved through IBM’s smarter planet and dynamic infrastructure vision. Energy efficiency for data centers has become an imperative area of focus as the price of energy increases and systems grow beyond the capacity of current facilities to supply their power and cooling needs. This IBM Redpapers™ publication discusses IT growth and energy efficiency for a case ... [more]

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Fidelity National Information Systems Payments Reference Architecture for IBM System z
z Systems

Redbooks, published 29 Sep 2008, last updated 1 Oct 2008

The number of electronic transactions conducted by financial institutions around the world every day is growing astronomically. Today payments can account for a significant portion of a bank’s total cost. The ability to move money quickly and safely and to manage the associated data management flows are necessary components of banking. Banks must also gain critical insights from their data to stay steps ahead of Internet-based theft of bank and customer information. These thefts can dangerously undermine the efficiencies of more cost-effective virtual delivery channels. On the positive ... [more]

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