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Maximizing Performance of IBM DB2 Backups

Web Doc, published 21 Oct 2016

This IBM® Redbooks® Analytics Support Web Doc describes how to maximize the performance of IBM DB2® backups. Backing up a database is a critical part of any disaster recovery plan. Making sure that the backup completes in a reasonable time frame means that there is always a valid backup available in case of emergency. This document describes the following elements that are critical to good backup performance:
- The backup process model
- Basic backup performance concepts
- Backup performance considerations
- Monitoring backup performance with the DB2_BAR_STATS ... [more]

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Securing Your Cloud: IBM z/VM Security for IBM z Systems and LinuxONE

Redbooks, published 19 Oct 2016

As workloads are being offloaded to IBM® z Systems™ based cloud environments, it is important to ensure that these workloads and environments are secure. This IBM Redbooks® publication describes the necessary steps to secure your environment for all of the components that are involved in a z Systems cloud infrastructure that uses IBM z/VM® and Linux on z Systems. The audience for this book is IT architects and those planning to use z Systems for their cloud ... [more]

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IBM Data Server Manager Overview and Performance Analysis

Web Doc, published 4 Oct 2016

IBM® Data Server Manager is a web-based, integrated database management tools platform that manages IBM DB2® for Linux, UNIX, Windows, and IBM z/OS® databases. With IBM Data Server Manager, you can monitor, analyze, tune, and administer DB2 databases. This IBM Redbooks® Analytics Support web doc describes ways to do performance analysis that can be used to drill down into SQL performance to understand the underlying issues and take corrective measures to optimize the outcome. This document provides an overview of Data Server Manager and includes information that helps Data Server Manager ... [more]

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Assessing Hardware Failures on IBM PureData System for Analytics N2001, N2002, and N3001

Web Doc, published 29 Sep 2016

This IBM Analytics Support Wed Doc describes possible hardware component failures on IBM PureData System for Analytics, their effect on the system, and its criticality and consequences if multiple components fail. This document also describes the architecture of IBM PureData System for Analytics to clarify the relationships between components. It also provides guidance on replacement scenarios. This information is intended to help users correctly respond to failures and open problem management records (PMR) with an accurate level of severity. This document provides information to help you ... [more]

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Changing Physical Disk Storage in IBM DB2 pureScale: A Practical Example

Web Doc, published 22 Sep 2016, last updated 26 Sep 2016

IBM® DB2® pureScale® provides continuous availability with multiple active servers that share a common set of disk storage subsystems. DB2 pureScale includes multiple components for high availability (HA), such as IBM Tivoli® System Automation (TSA) and IBM General Parallel File System (IBM GPFS™) for clustered file systems. Like any component in an IT infrastructure, DB2 pureScale eventually might require a migration to meet the demands of upgraded hardware and software. Database administrators, operating system administrators, and system administrators working with DB2 pureScale in ... [more]

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