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IBM Security Access Manager Appliance Deployment Patterns

Redpaper, published 23 Oct 2015, last updated 2 Nov 2015

IBM® Security Access Manager is a modular, integrated access management appliance that helps secure access to web, mobile, and cloud workloads. It is offered both as a physical appliance and as a virtual appliance image that runs on several popular hypervisors. The integrated appliance form factor enables easier and more flexible deployment and maintenance. This IBM Redpaper™ publication describes the different Security Access Manager Appliance V9.0 deployment patterns and uses hands-on examples to demonstrate how to initially configure systems in those deployments. It also describes ... [more]

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Reduce Risk and Improve Security on IBM Mainframes: Volume 2 Mainframe Communication and Networking Security

Redbooks, published 25 Sep 2015

This IBM® Redbooks® publication documents the strength and value of the IBM security strategy with IBM z Systems hardware and software (referred to in this book by the previous product name, IBM System z®). In an age of increasing security consciousness and more dangerous and advanced persistent threats, System z provides the capabilities to address today’s business security challenges. This book explores how System z hardware is designed to provide integrity, process isolation, and cryptographic capability to help address security requirements. We highlight the features of IBM z/OS® and ... [more]

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End to End Security with z Systems
z Systems Software

Redpaper, published 3 Apr 2015

This IBM® Redpaper™ provides a broad understanding of the components necessary to secure your IBM z Systems environment. It provides an end-to-end architectural reference document for a use case that employs both mobile and analytics. It also provides an end to end explanation of security on z Systems from the systems of record through the systems of engagement. Security is described in terms of transactions, covering what happens after a transaction hits the system of engagement and what needs to be in place from that moment forward. The audience for this paper is IT architects and those ... [more]

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Securing the IBM Mainframe

Solution Guide, published 27 Mar 2015

Cybercrime is a sophisticated activity. It is no longer a playing field for “script-kiddies” trying to get access to systems and servers for fun, and it is not about quick hacks to get in and get out quickly. It is now about real commercial, political, or even military advantages. There have been reports in the press recently of large systems data breaches, and it is apparent that some of these are associated with attempts to access mainframe data. The skills and knowledge that are required to manage and operate a sophisticated IBM System z mainframe are different from those that are used ... [more]

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Centrally Managing Access to Self-Encrypting Drives in Lenovo System x Servers Using IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager
System x

Redbooks, published 16 Mar 2015

Data security is one of the paramount requirements for organizations of all sizes. Although many companies invested heavily in protection from network-based attacks and other threats, few effective safeguards are available to protect against potentially costly exposures of proprietary data that results from a hard disk drive being stolen, misplaced, retired, or redeployed. Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) can satisfy this need by providing the ultimate in security for data-at-rest and can help reduce IT drive retirement costs in the data center. Self-encrypting drives are also an excellent ... [more]

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