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IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center
Industry Solutions

Redbooks, published 20 Feb 2015, last updated 6 Mar 2015

IBM® SmartCloud® Virtual Storage Center provides efficient virtualization and management of heterogeneous storage systems. It facilitates migration to an agile cloud architecture that can optimize storage availability and performance, while helping to reduce costs. IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center (VSC) helps convert existing storage to IBM Smarter Storage, providing more room for data growth and simplified storage administration. This IBM Redbooks® publication gives an overview of the concepts of software-defined environment (SDE) and software-defined storage (SDS), and how they work ... [more]

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Using XIV in OpenStack Environments
Storage Solutions

Redpaper, published 27 Feb 2015

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication provides a brief overview of OpenStack and IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack. It focuses on the use of OpenStack with the IBM XIV® Storage System Gen3. The illustration scenario in the paper uses the OpenStack Icehouse release, which is installed on RedHat Linux servers, and the IBM Storage Driver for OpenStack. This paper is intended for clients and cloud administrators who look forward to integrating IBM XIV Storage Systems in OpenStack and using IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack environments. The paper provides guidance in setting up an environment by using ... [more]

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Exploring RESTful API Support with XIV
Storage Solutions

Redpaper, published 16 Feb 2015

Representational State Transfer (REST) is a simple stateless architecture that uses existing web technology and protocols, essentially Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). In the last few years, REST has emerged as a predominant web service design model. It is a simpler alternative to SOAP. The RESTful application programming interface (API) establishes a mapping between create, read, update, and delete operations and the corresponding POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE HTTP actions. The RESTful interface focuses on the components’ roles and resources, and ignores their internal implementation ... [more]

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Implementing IBM Software Defined Network for Virtual Environments
Storage Networking

Redbooks, published 4 Sep 2014

This IBM® Redbooks® publication shows how to integrate IBM Software Defined Network for Virtual Environments (IBM SDN VE) seamlessly within a new or existing data center. This book is aimed at pre- and post-sales support, targeting network administrators and other technical professionals that want to get an overview of this new and exciting technology, and see how it fits into the overall vision of a truly Software Defined Environment. It shows you all of the steps that are required to design, install, maintain, and troubleshoot the IBM SDN VE product. It also highlights specific, real-world ... [more]

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Using the IBM DS8870 in an OpenStack Cloud Environment
Disk storage

Solution Guide, published 21 Jan 2014

The IBM® DS8870 comes with characteristics and functions that make it an ideal storage foundation for building a workload-aware cloud, especially with the availability of the IBM Storage Driver for OpenStack. The IBM Storage Driver for OpenStack enables OpenStack clouds to access the DS8870 storage system. The driver integrates with the OpenStack environment and enables OpenStack applications to take advantage of the DS8870 enterprise-class ... [more]

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z/OS V1.13 DFSMS Technical Update
Software Defined Storage

Redbooks, published 17 Aug 2012, last updated 23 Sep 2012

Each release of IBM® Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS) builds on the previous version. The latest release, IBM z/OS® V1.13 DFSMS, provides enhancements in these areas for the z/OS platform in a system-managed storage environment:
- Storage management
- Data access
- Device support
- Program management
- Distributed data access
This IBM Redbooks® publication provides a summary of the functions and enhancements in z/OS V1.13 DFSMS. It provides information that you need to understand and evaluate the content of this DFSMS release, along with ... [more]

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A Guide to the IBM Clustered Network File System

Redpaper, published 23 Nov 2010, last updated 3 Aug 2012

The Clustered Network File System (CNFS) is a capability based on IBM® General Parallel File System (GPFS™) running on Linux® which, when combined with System x® servers or BladeCenter® Servers, IBM TotalStorage® Disk Systems, and Storage Area Networks (SAN) components, provides a scalable file services environment. This capability enables customers to run a General Parallel File System (GPFS) data-serving cluster in which some or all of the nodes actively export the file system using NFS. This IBM Redpaper™ publication shows how Cluster NFS file services are delivered and supported today ... [more]

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GPFS in the Cloud: Storage Virtualization with NPIV on IBM System p and IBM System Storage DS5300
Power Systems

Redpaper, published 29 Sep 2010

The IBM® General Parallel Filesystem (GPFS™) is known for its performance, scalability, availability, and manageability features. It is the file system used in many High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions, scaling to thousands of servers and serving multi-petabyte file systems. GPFS is also used in many non-HPC areas, such as database solutions, but typically has been deployed at a much smaller scale in those environments both in number of servers and size of the underlying storage subsystems. This IBM Redpaper™ publication focuses on the use of GPFS in conjunction with server ... [more]


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