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Building a Resilient Planet
Smarter Cities

Point-of-View, published 17 Jan 2013, last updated 22 Jan 2013

In the next decades, regions around the world will face increasing changes from two types of threats: acute threats and chronic threats. Acute threats are natural and man-made catastrophes such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Chronic threats are the causes of shortages of basic resources such as water, food, and energy. A resilient planet is one that can deal with such changes. Public and private sectors depend on information technology (IT) in critical situations that affect geographic regions and resources:
- They need more robust and resilient IT to support rapid recovery ... [more]

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Smarter Bank Data Centers with Expert Integrated Systems
Industry Solutions

Point-of-View, published 14 Dec 2012, last updated 27 Dec 2012

Today, banks are operating in a highly volatile climate. Increasing regulation, continuous pressure on cost, changing business models, mergers and acquisitions, and remaining competitive require a flexible, efficient, and smart IT operation:
- Banks need IT as an accelerator of business growth, not as an inhibitor.
- Bank data centers can and must be made smarter.
- Banks need expert integrated systems.
This IBM® Redbooks® Point-of-View publication analyzes what makes a data center successful and explains how IBM expert integrated systems help to accomplish the ... [more]

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Managing Data in Today's Information Overloaded World

Point-of-View, published 13 Dec 2012

The landscape of today’s information infrastructure is continually changing. The amount of data that is being collected is increasing, and organizations are finding new ways to analyze, evaluate, and use the information that they collect. In addition, hardware trends are making it cost effective to capture new information sources and to automate data management. In the hardware arena especially, falling prices and increasing capacity for memory devices are reshaping the storage industry. Solid-state drives (SSDs), large amounts of RAM, and new I/O technologies influence raw system ... [more]

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Transforming the Way Organizations Think with Cognitive Systems

Point-of-View, published 12 Dec 2012, last updated 13 Dec 2012

Our data volume is exploding. But not just the volume of data, the type of data is taking on increasing forms, and the demand for speed at which we need to understand this data is accelerating. We need computers that can assess this flood of information so that we can mine the most value from our data. IBM® is leading the Cognitive Systems Era. It is transforming the way we use computers and technology to process information and natural language, creating the potential to change the way businesses use information and make decisions. As explained in this IBM Redbooks® Point-of-View paper, ... [more]

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IBM SmartCloud: Becoming a Cloud Service Provider

Redguide, published 13 Dec 2012

Cloud computing opens a broad range of business opportunities across the computing industry and enables companies in other industries to provide services to their employees, customers, and partners. Cloud computing provides a compelling approach to addressing this opportunity. The IBM® SmartCloud™ for Service Providers portfolio can dramatically lower the business and technical barriers of entry to cloud computing. Companies rely on their business applications and systems as an integral part of their business. They can expand the business value of their applications and systems by using ... [more]

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The Era of Cognitive Systems: An Inside Look at IBM Watson and How it Works

Redguide, published 12 Dec 2012

IBM® Watson™ represents a first step into cognitive systems, a new era of computing. Watson builds on the current era of programmatic computing but differs in significant ways. The combination of the following capabilities makes Watson unique:
- Natural language processing by helping to understand the complexities of unstructured data, which makes up as much as 80 percent of the data in the world today
- Hypothesis generation and evaluation by applying advanced analytics to weigh and evaluate a panel of responses based on only relevant evidence
- Dynamic learning by ... [more]

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Taking Advantage of Cloud Computing to Meet Today's Business Needs

Point-of-View, published 3 Dec 2012, last updated 7 Dec 2012

Companies today deal with a high degree of uncertainty, expanded regulation, rapid technology innovation, shorter product cycles, and global competition. To remain competitive, businesses must drive more value from assets, improve decision making under volatile conditions, and increase agility to react rapidly to changes and to reconfigure their business. Cloud computing offers reduced capital and operational expenses and delivers benefits in the following areas:
- A path to higher efficiency
- Agility in innovation and response
- Quality and dependability
- Increased ... [more]

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Exploring the Potential of IBM Smarter Analytics Solutions

Point-of-View, published 29 Nov 2012, last updated 30 Nov 2012

Analytics can provide your enterprise with a better understanding of variability, future uncertainty, and your own clients. With the landscape constantly changing, you can gain a competitive edge by optimizing business processes, production planning, and human capital to make your business more efficient. By using analytics, your enterprise can achieve the following goals:
- Drive real-time business decisions by using Smarter Analytics solutions.
- Identify and follow the best course of action, based on facts and objective evaluation of alternatives.
- Make more ... [more]

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A Green IT Approach to Data Center Efficiency

Point-of-View, published 30 Nov 2012

Companies are facing energy constraints, increased data demands, and rising power costs. Implementing green strategies, such as a green data center, can provide a competitive edge while benefiting the environment for the following reasons:
- Energy efficiency is a growing part of business efficiency.
- A green data center can meet growing data volume and increasing processing demand while managing escalating resource costs.
- An efficient, green data center can help your company reduce costs and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
- Green initiatives ... [more]

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A Sweeping Approach to Security

Point-of-View, published 29 Nov 2012, last updated 29 Nov 2012

Businesses and governments today must take a broader approach to securing information from malicious attackers or infiltrators. This task is not easy when users demand fast and convenient access to information that they expect to be protected. Consequently, organizations increasingly need to implement a smarter approach that relies on fine-grained control of access privileges and far field detection of potential and seemingly unrelated threats. Such an approach must also rely on multitier containment methods to isolate intrusions and to minimize damage. To adopt a broad security approach ... [more]

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