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Accelerate Development of New Enterprise Solutions for the Cloud with Codename BlueMix

Point-of-View, published 24 Feb 2014, last updated 10 Mar 2014

IBM® recently introduced Codename BlueMix, a cloud-based development environment for building, composing, managing, and running your new and innovative cloud applications in an open environment. This IBM Redbooks® Point-of-View publication discusses BlueMix, a cloud-based application development environment that supports the development lifecycle for the applications that are required in today's business environment. The paper also discusses the IBM open cloud architecture, software-defined environments, marketplaces, composable applications, and the new API economy. It describes how new ... [more]

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A Framework for Smart Grid Analytics and Sensemaking: The Mehta Value

Redguide, published 6 Feb 2014

The growing complexity of electric power grids requires innovative solutions to effectively manage power grids and to enhance grid security and stability. Predictive modeling software can use the historical data to discover, among other things, failure order, failure relationships to components, and predictors associated with failures. This IBM® Redguide™ publication proposes a dedicated ad hoc synchrophasor network that is embedded within the smart grid. This synchrophasor is a device that can measure, combine, and analyze the time-stamped measurements from various locations on an electric ... [more]

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System z in a Mobile World
IBM Z Software

Point-of-View, published 24 Jan 2014

As organizations engage with customers, partners, and employees who are increasingly using mobile as their primary general-purpose computing platform, these organizations have tremendous opportunity to transact—everything from exchanging information to exchanging goods and services, from employee self-service to customer service. This mobile engagement allows you to build new insight into your customer’s behavior so that you can anticipate their needs and gain a competitive advantage by offering new services. Becoming a mobile enterprise is about re-imagining your business around ... [more]

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Smarter Environmental Analytics Solutions: Offshore Oil and Gas Installations Example

Solution Guide, published 19 Dec 2013

This IBM® Redbooks® Solution Guide describes a solution for implementing smarter environmental monitoring and analytics for the oil and gas industries. The solution implements real-time monitoring of environmental data to facilitate early detection of, and response to, operational events surrounding offshore oil and gas installations. The solution uses various sensors and sensor platforms to monitor critical parameters of the undersea environment. These parameters are used by various stakeholders to identify and evaluate the effects of oil and gas operations on the ... [more]

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Mobile Design Patterns: Push, Don't Pull

Point-of-View, published 5 Dec 2013

When it comes to design patterns, the battle between push and pull has been ongoing since the start. Both models have their place. But the authors of this IBM® Redbooks® Point-of-View article, including IBM WebSphere® VP Jerry Cuomo, argue that in many situations, pushing data to users as it changes can consume far fewer resources than a conventional pull pattern. The fact is that mobile users often pull (query) data that has not changed, putting needless strain on server and network resources. So the authors suggest pushing the most popular data to users’ devices proactively, whenever it ... [more]

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Smarter Cities Series: Understanding Fraud Investigation
Smarter Cities

Redguide, published 13 Sep 2013, last updated 11 Nov 2013

Fraud and financial crime is a significant, persistent, and evolving challenge to the public and private sector. It costs an estimated five to eight percent of revenues per annum and, overall, is measured in trillions of dollars. In addition to the direct financial impact, there is also a real risk of long-term damage to reputation, client confidence, and violation of regulations, leading to fines and an impact on shareholder value in the private sector, and loss of confidence in public bodies. Public awareness and nonacceptance of the costs of fraud and financial crime are also increasing. ... [more]

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Platform-as-a-Service: An IBM Perspective

Point-of-View, published 30 Oct 2013

Using a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model lets your organization standardize processes, lower costs, and realize faster time to value. An end-to-end PaaS environment can provide the following key advantages:
- Reduce lead time for launching new applications.
- Provide flexibility to support both cloud-centric or cloud-enabled workloads.
- Enable developers to easily build, deploy, and manage cloud applications while using services and frameworks that are available in a cloud environment.
- Capture changing trends in elastic cloud environment.
- Take advantage ... [more]

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Using IBM System z as a Hub for Business Analytics

Point-of-View, published 29 Oct 2013

The phenomenal growth of global data volume in recent years originates from many sources, including automated business processes, web applications, and user-created content, as well as digital data that is generated through the instrumentation of the physical infrastructure. Taking advantage of this big data presents new opportunities for today’s organizations to accomplish tasks more intelligently and productively. The problem is that the necessary information is rarely available to the organization precisely when and where it is needed because the data is growing faster than IT processes ... [more]

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Enhancing Enterprise Systems with Big Data

Point-of-View, published 24 Oct 2013

Big data is growing rapidly and driving a need within each enterprise for new tools and methodologies. This new data, when it is used in a comprehensive system, offers the potential for unique insights that drive new actions across the entire enterprise. Here are three areas that take advantage of big data:
- Marketing intelligence and media awareness
- Corporate governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance
- Operational efficiency
This IBM Redbooks® Point-of-View demonstrate how discrete solutions can be innovatively combined to create a comprehensive ... [more]

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Smarter Analytics: Taking the Journey to IBM Cognitive Systems

Redguide, published 1 Oct 2013

Cognitive systems move information technology (IT) beyond automating standardized administrative tasks. A cognitive system is trained to extract facts from different sources of information. It compares and contrasts this evidence to make a recommendation to a professional who is in the process of making a decision. When using cognitive systems, a professional asks for explanations of how the recommendation was calculated and might be prompted to supply additional facts about the current situation to guide and refine the recommendation. In this model, the human and machine are in a ... [more]

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