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Governing and Managing Big Data for Analytics and Decision Makers

Redguide, published 26 Aug 2014

It is estimated that a staggering 70% of the time spent on analytics projects is concerned with identifying, cleansing, and integrating data. Acquiring data for analytics in an ad hoc manner creates a huge burden on the teams that own the systems supplying data. Often the same type of data is repeatedly requested and the original information owner finds it hard to keep track of who has copies of which data. As a result, many organizations are considering implementing a data lake solution. A data lake is a set of one or more data repositories that have been created to support data discovery, ... [more]

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Wargames Powered by IBM Watson: Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy in 4D

Point-of-View, published 22 Aug 2014

Serious defense games have been around for decades. Many defense implementations focus on skills training and first-person shooter (FPS) gaming engines. The defense games have not focused on games enabling Strategic Execution or Tactical Operations. Strategic and tactical games require a complex infrastructure that is based on the cascading rules that are contained in doctrine. This type of game allows each mission plan component to be vetted, stressed, and prioritized by the entire decision and action chain. IBM® Watson™ cognitive intelligence can disrupt the way that you develop wargames ... [more]

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Optimizing System z Batch Applications by Exploiting Parallelism

Redpaper, published 21 Aug 2014

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication shows you how to speed up batch jobs by splitting them into near-identical instances (sometimes referred to as ). It is a practical guide, which is based on the authors’ testing experiences with a batch job that is similar to those jobs that are found in customer applications. This guide documents the issues that the team encountered and how the issues were resolved. The final tuned implementation produced better results than the initial traditional implementation. Because job splitting often requires application code changes, this guide includes a ... [more]

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Understanding Mainframe Economics

Point-of-View, published 14 Aug 2014

The cost of running a workload can be lower on the mainframe than on other platforms you may be considering. When considering the economics of the mainframe, simple benchmark test results can be misleading. Variability in workload demand and workload management are examples of factors that affect the cost of delivering a workload. Typically, administrators achieve significant operational efficiencies on the mainframe. A variety of workloads can be virtualized and consolidated using Linux on System z®, which results in lower overall software costs when compared to other platforms. Customized ... [more]

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Addressing Emerging Threats and Targeted Attacks with IBM Security Network Protection

Redguide, published 16 Jul 2014

In networks today, organizations are faced with hundreds of new web and non-web applications that are available to their users. Social media applications, peer-to-peer file transfer applications, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), web-based email, cloud data storage, and many others are all readily available. The ease and speed at which these new applications can be installed or simply accessed reduces the effectiveness of a perimeter-based security architecture and provides many new types of risks. These applications can be used by an attacker to obtain initial access into the ... [more]

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Always On: Business Considerations for Continuous Availability

Redguide, published 25 Apr 2014, last updated 14 Jul 2014

In 2013, IBM® conducted an IBM Academy of Technology initiative in which we reviewed the end-to-end aspects of continuous availability (governance, technological advancements, architectural patterns, design and operational practices). We identified specific business requirements that mandate continuous availability and also found organizations that have continuous availability as part of their DNA. However, most organizations have invested in high availability or disaster recovery but not in continuous availability. For these organizations, continuous availability might not be a requirement ... [more]

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Integrated Law Enforcement: A Holistic Approach to Solving Crime
Smarter Cities

Redguide, published 23 Jun 2014

IBM® i2® Integrated Law Enforcement is a single solution that supports three primary types of user communities with three major logical components:
- Intelligent Operations, serving the command and operational community
- Intelligence Analysis, serving the analyst and investigative community
- Integrated Policing, serving the front line officer community
i2 Integrated Law Enforcement offers a modular design and flexible deployment options. Agencies can choose to deploy the entire preconfigured law enforcement solution or they can gradually deploy modules ... [more]

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Mainframe Modernization and Skills: The Myth and the Reality

Point-of-View, published 27 May 2014, last updated 31 May 2014

In April 2014, IBM® celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first mainframe computer, the System/360. Growth over that time has been such that today, much of the world's business runs on IBM mainframes, including 97 of the world's top 100 banks. Yet perhaps because it has been around as long as it has, the mainframe is seen by some as not modern enough for today's demands. Defying predictions, the IBM mainframe is not only alive today, running much of the world's business, but its usage continues to grow. So to prepare for future resource needs, mainframe customers must adopt plans to onboard ... [more]

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Cloud Workloads on the Mainframe

Point-of-View, published 21 May 2014

Far from being out of date, mainframes are used around the world to build robust, trusted clouds. Increasingly, organizations are turning to cloud computing to improve their IT responsiveness and to reduce costs. And for enterprise workloads, which require highly reliable and secure platforms to meet demanding service levels, many companies are building their clouds using a mainframe. This IBM Redbooks® Point-of-View publication discusses cloud workloads on the mainframe. A cloud built on a mainframe, such as IBM® zEnterprise® or others in the IBM System z® family, has several distinct ... [more]

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Using IBM Social Business to Take Your Business Relationships to the Next Level: A Game Changer for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses

Redguide, published 5 Apr 2011, last updated 27 Mar 2014

IBM® defines Social Business as a business that embraces networks of people to create business value. Social businesses embrace technology to enhance relationships between employees, customers, and partners. They augment business processes and applications with social interactions and insight. They provide integrated activities that use business data and social data. Social businesses more fully integrate the collective knowledge of people-centric networks to accelerate decision making, strengthen business processes, and increase innovation that matters. This IBM Redguide™ publication ... [more]

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