IBM z/OS Management Facility V2R1

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Readers' comments (3) 

Posted by Mr. Ian Roach on 6 December 2013 at 9:30

FYI .. just notice something is messed up in the page number. For example, Chapter 5 on Software Mgmt is on p 273 as it says in the TOC but the previous page is 304

Posted by S. Webb on 27 February 2014 at 10:28

30Jan2014 Draft Pages 117-119 refer to /zosmfServers but most everywhere else in the book (and on my z/OS 2.1 systems) the directory is /zosmfServer (no trailing letter s).

Posted by Tim Henness on 25 March 2015 at 14:12

In several places the book talks about "SAN Volume Controller" dumps. I puzzled for a while over why we would ever see a "SAN Volume Controller" dump on z/OS, and even if we did why they should be treated differently from any other system dumps. Then I realized that someone editing the book misunderstood that an "SVC dump" on z/OS has nothing to do with "SAN Volume Controller"!

Any references to "SAN Volume Controller dump" in this book should really be "SVC dump".

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