Best Practices for DS8000 and z/OS HyperSwap with Copy Services Manager

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Updated 19 March 2019

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ISBN-10: 0738457612
ISBN-13: 9780738457611
IBM Form #: SG24-8431-00

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Authors: Thomas Luther, Alexander Warmuth. Marcelo Takakura


Many z/OS® customers today require their applications to be available 24x7. Whether the business requirements are high availability, disaster recovery, or business continuity, HyperSwap® technology can provide an adequate solution. HyperSwap is the industry standard and is provided in several different implementation options to meet the various business needs of the System z® and z/OS customer base.

IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) enables you to manage z/OS HyperSwap and helps you manage planned and unplanned actions in an z/OS environment from an Open Systems environment.

This IBM RedBooks publication provides best practices for the planning, implementation, integration and management of z/OS HyperSwap with CSM.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction and Planning
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. IBM CSM and z/OS HyperSwap implementation topologies
Chapter 3. Pre-requisites for various implementation topologies
Part 2. Installation and Configuration
Chapter 4. CSM Installation on z/OS
Chapter 5. z/OS IP host connection setup
Chapter 6. Implementing z/OS HyperSwap
Part 3. Management and Operations
Chapter 7. Managing z/OS HyperSwap with Copy Services Manager
Chapter 8. Additional operational considerations
Appendix A. Checklists

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