Simplify Management of IT Security and Compliance with IBM PowerSC in Cloud and Virtualized Environments

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Updated 16 July 2019

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IBM Form #: SG24-8082-01

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Authors: Dino Quintero, Faraz Ahmad, Stephen Dominguez, David Pontes, Cesar Rodriguez


This IBM Redbooks publication provides a security and compliance solution that is optimized for virtualized environments on IBM Power Systems servers, running IBM PowerVM and IBM AIX. Security control and compliance are some of the key components that are needed to defend the virtualized data center and cloud infrastructure against ever evolving new threats. The IBM business-driven approach to enterprise security used in conjunction with solutions such as PowerSC makes IBM the premier security vendor in the market today.

The book explores, tests, and documents scenarios using IBM PowerSC leveraging IBM Power Systems servers architecture and software solutions from IBM to help defend the virtualized data center and cloud infrastructure against ever evolving new threats.

This publication helps IT and Security managers, architects, and consultants to strengthen their security and compliance posture in a virtualized environment running IBM PowerVM.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. IT security and compliance management
Chapter 2. PowerSC UI Server
Chapter 3. Compliance automation
Chapter 4. Real Time File Integrity Monitoring
Chapter 5. PowerSC Trusted Network Connect and Patch Management v1.2.0.0
Chapter 6. Trusted logging
Chapter 7. Trusted boot
Chapter 8. Trusted firewall
Appendix A. Trusted Firewall addendum

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