Implementing the IBM BladeCenter S Chassis

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Implementing the IBM BladeCenter S Chassis

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IBM® BladeCenter® remains an innovative solution to running business solutions. IBM BladeCenter builds on the IBM commitment to integrating server, storage, and networking functionality with technology exchange and heterogeneous management. IBM BladeCenter offers the ease, density, availability, affordability, and scalability that are central to the blade technology promise.

IBM BladeCenter S combines the power of blade servers with integrated storage. It can hold up to six blade servers and up to 12 shared hot-swap 3.5-inch disk drives in just 7U of rack space.

BladeCenter S is the ideal solution for a branch office or distributed environment where servers, switches, and shared storage are all in one unit, or in environments where only 110V power is available.

This IBM Redbooks® publication was written for a technical audience with limited or no experience with IBM BladeCenter solutions. After reading it, you should be able to successfully implement the BladeCenter S, customized to your specific needs.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to the IBM BladeCenter S chassis
Chapter 2. BladeCenter S technical overview
Chapter 3. Getting started using the BladeCenter S chassis
Chapter 4. Configuring storage
Chapter 5. AMM User Interface Guide


Publish Date
03 July 2013

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