Customizing and Extending IBM Content Navigator

An IBM Redbooks publication

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IBM® Content Navigator is a ready-to-use, modern, standards-based user interface that supports Enterprise Content Management (ECM) use cases, including collaborative document management, production imaging, and report management. It is also a flexible and powerful user platform for building custom ECM applications using open web-based standards.

This IBM Redbooks® publication has an overview of the functions and features that IBM Content Navigator offers, and describes how you can configure and customize the user interface with the administration tools that are provided. This book also describes the extension points and customization options of IBM Content Navigator and how you can customize and extend it with sample code. Specifically, the book shows you how to set up a development environment, and develop plug-ins that add new actions and provide special production imaging layout to the user interface. Other customization topics include working with external data services, using IBM Content Navigator widgets externally in other applications, and wrapping the widgets as iWidgets to be used in other applications. In addition, this book describes how to reuse IBM Content Navigator components in mobile development, and how to work with existing viewer or incorporate third-party viewer into IBM Content Navigator.

This book is intended for IT architects, and application designers and developers. It offers both a high-level description of how to extend and customize IBM Content Navigator and also more technical details of how to do implementation with sample code.

Table of contents

Part 1. Concept and overview
Chapter 1. Introducing IBM Content Navigator
Chapter 2. Functions, features, and concepts
Chapter 3. Configuration and customization
Chapter 4. Extension points and customization options
Part 2. Customization
Chapter 5. Setting up the development environment
Chapter 6. Developing a plug-in to add an action
Chapter 7. Developing the production imaging layout plug-in
Chapter 8. Using external data services
Chapter 9. Working with built-in and third-party viewers
Chapter 10. Using IBM Content Navigator visual widgets in other applications
Chapter 11. Using IBM Content Navigator widgets as iWidgets in other applications
Chapter 12. Reusing components in mobile development
Part 3. Deployment, debugging, and troubleshooting
Chapter 13. Component deployment
Chapter 14. Debugging and troubleshooting
Part 4. Appendixes
Appendix A. Action privileges
Appendix B. Document class definition
Appendix C. Additional material


Publish Date
10 October 2012

Last Update
16 October 2012

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