Data Modeling Techniques for Data Warehousing

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication gives detail coverage to the topic of data modeling
techniques for data warehousing, within the context of the
overall data warehouse development process.
The process of data warehouse modeling, including the steps
required before and after the actual modeling step, is discussed.
Detailed coverage of modeling techniques is presented in an
evolutionary way through a gradual, but well-managed, expansion
of the content of the actual data model.
Coverage is also given to other important aspects of data
warehousing that affect, or are affected by, the modeling process.
These include architecting the warehouse and populating the data
Guidelines for selecting a data modeling tool that is
appropriate for data warehousing are presented.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.0
Chapter 2. Data Warehousing 2.0
Chapter 3. Data Analysis Techniques 3.0
Chapter 4. Data Warehousing Architecture and Implementation Choices 4.0
Chapter 5. Architecting the Data 5.0
Chapter 6. Data Modeling for a Data Warehouse 6.0
Chapter 7. The Process of Data Warehousing 7.0
Chapter 8. Data Warehouse Modeling Techniques 8.0
Chapter 9. Selecting a Modeling Tool 9.0
Chapter 10. Populating the Data Warehouse 10.0
Appendix A. The CelDial Case Study A.0
Appendix B. Special Notices B.0
Appendix C. Related Publications C.0


Publish Date
26 February 1998

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